Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Tuesdays with Paulie

Welcome to Tuesdays with Paulie! Please excuse my obvious title rip-off from the best selling book that didn't make Oprah look like an ass. As you know I do not write postings for my blog everyday. However, I am planning on making Tuesday the day were I always have a posting and usually it will contain multiple short comments of whatever is on my mind.

Coretta Scott King

Today a great chapter in American history comes to a close. Coretta Scott King, wife of civil rights pioneer Dr. Martin Luther King passed away. I am particularly saddened by her death because I can't help but be angry at what men after her husband did to kill their dream. Men such as Jesse Jackson and in recent times Al Sharpton are not civil rights leaders, but selfish media whores who have pimped Dr. King's dream for their own personal benefit. In Chicago were Jesse Jackson sets up his brothel so he can whore his people for fame and fortune, it's been known for years Mrs. King's dislike for Jackson. I've always believed that if Dr. King would have been able to continue his work for another twenty years, we all would have benefited.
God bless you Coretta Scott King.

The Alito shuffle

Congratulations to Justice Samuel Alito after being confirmed by the U.S. Senate. Justice Alito's confirmation ends another sad chapter in Democratic party politics. Let's be honest boys and girls, the man is well-qualified and deserved this life-long appointment. The public tirades by Ted Kennedy, obvious ass-kissing of the far left by John Kerry (will run in 08) and of course partisan politicking by Dickless Durbin were at times comical. Think about this. Ted Kennedy was being such an ass that he managed to even anger Arlen Specter. Arguably the most liberal Republican in the senate and Kennedy found a way to piss him off. Hey it's ok. Republicans have dug deep holes for themselves over the past few years, but Democrats like these clowns dig even deeper.

Quick note: During tonight's State of the Union Address, "Hail to the Chief" is not going to be played. Instead the Bush administration has decided to welcome Alito tonight with a live performance by Silver Springs, Maryland's own "Yehudda Rosenbaum Bar Mitzvah Band" playing the Boz Scaggs classic "Lido shuffle". Of course "Lido" will be replaced with "Alito".

Quick Thought

Jimmy Carter, Cindy Sheehan same person or just sharing the same brain?

Thank You

Many of you sent me emails of support regarding this blog as well as comment about my "Opening Day" posting. Thank you for your thoughts and kind words. Please remember that my blog should serve as a forum for opinions and debate, so don't email me your comments, post them in the comment section for all to read.

Finally a shout out to my Uncle Abraham Miller in the Peoples Republic of California. Abe is Professor Emeritus of Political Science from the University of Cincinnati and a well respected authority on Terrorism and Hostage Negotiations. Uncle Abe recently advised me to try and get my writings published. He suggested a few webzine's including New Media Journal. I took his advice and my "Opening Day" posting was published. Thank you Uncle Abe, you are an inspiration.


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