Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bad Judgement and Incompetent Economics

Cook County Tax Hike has negative return
Tax revenue down 12% after first month of implementation

How hard is it for Democrats to realize that when you raise taxes you decrease the revenue government takes in? How hard is it to understand that when people have less money or items cost more, purchasing power decreases and the end result is that everyone loses?

As we listen to Barack Obama this past election cycle or Nancy Pelosi most of this decade, the fundamental principles of the Democrat Party that high taxes are good has never changed despite the facts. In the belly of the beast were Obama learned his political skills, Chicago, the Cook County Democratic Machine once again has proven the negative affects of increasing taxes.

I can still picture Cook County Board President Todd Stroger high fiving his fellow Democrats as the Board increased the county sales tax a full percent, making Chicago the city with the highest sales tax in the nation at 10.25%. Last week it was revealed by the Illinois Department of Revenue, the first month after the increase was implemented; Cook County saw revenue decrease nearly 12%.

It's hard for your brilliant blogger not to laugh at these facts and of course scream from the highest mountaintop, I told you so! Making matters worse or more comical depending on your perspective, Stroger and his board lackeys recently passed a measure approving a nearly 4 billion dollar bond issue and to borrow nearly 750 million dollars to make county "repairs."

While yours truly does live in the Peoples Republic of Cook County, I have been mostly unaffected by such government incompetence. I reside close enough to the border with Lake County that Mr. Stroger’s actions have opened my eyes to the benefits of taking my purchasing power a half mile north. I guess I should even thank Todd for waking me up to the endless money-saving opportunities a few minutes north of my home. Thank you Todd.

As the Illinois Department of Revenue report shows, I'm not the only one taking full advantage of the neighboring counties. Making the future even more bleak for Stroger and the Democrats are lowering gas prices. Since gas taxes on the state and local level are determined by the sales tax percentage. Stroger and his cronies collect less money when gas is $3.25 a gallon instead of $4.50. Did I forget to mention that people might also be more open to the idea of driving a few extra miles to another county where gas is cheaper? When they get to Lake or Dupage County they will learn that they may save 25 to 60 cents a gallon and realize taking their money outside Cook County is a no-brainer.

Dan Seals utilizes 9/11 conspiracy quack
Democrat runs ad featuring mentally unstable veteran

While it important to honor every man and woman who has served our country, especially during wartime, it is just as important not to exploit these brave souls when they come back to us physically and mentally challenged. Unfortunately Democrat candidate for congress, Dan Seals has decided to use a disturbed veteran in his quest to unseat rep. Mark Kirk (R) in Illinois tenth congressional race.

This past June the Peoria Star Journal did a story on Caleb Davis whom spent 5 months in Iraq as an Army diver. Davis was sitting at a table in a Peoria library with books, fliers and DVDs supporting conspiracy theories about the 9/11 attacks.

While Davis has every right and even more than most Americans to disagree with the war in Iraq, the fact that he would promote the idea that the United States murdered over 3,000 of her own citizens can only be described as insane. The fact that he promotes an organization that believes Israel may have
been involved in the 9/11 attacks should be of special interest to residents of the 10th congressional district, which has a significant Jewish population.

Kirk sent Seals a letter stating, "I am disappointed that you would center your campaign on a spokesman who believes the U.S. government murdered nearly 3,000 of its own citizens." The Seals campaign doesn't see anything wrong with the commercial and plans to keep running it.

Paulies Point urges readers to demand the commercial be taken off the air and Dan Seals apologize for supporting 9/11 conspiracy theorists.

See for yourself who Seals has chosen to represent his campaign.



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