Friday, October 03, 2008

Palin, Biden, & Silverman Oy Vay!

Rumble in Missouri
Your brilliant blogger must of missed something

Thursday evening was billed as a make or break night for GOP Veep pick Sarah Palin. After a questionable streak of interviews with mainstream media outlets, expectations were low for the Alaskan Governor. What Palin had going for her was a live television feed instead of the merciless network news editing rooms.

So how did she do and who won? Your brilliant blogger thought she did well and so did her rival sen. Joe Biden. Neither of them made any major mistakes or had any groundbreaking moments. Biden sounded like typical Joe. An encyclopedia of knowledge, smooth-talking and a politicians talent to stretch the truth. Palin came across as a person, not a politician. Her answers were shorter and not as detailed, but she spoke to the public, not down to them.

When the debate ended I looked at the event as a wash, maybe a slight victory for Palin. If the pundits are correct as well as the early polls and focus groups, Palin/McCain was the big winner.

So what did I miss? Maybe I didn't miss anything, but simply underestimated how sick and tired people are of bloviating politicians such as Biden. Granted the Hollywood and Saturday Night Live crowd enjoy laughing and putting down a mom who they perceive as a small town hick. They make fun of her accent, pregnant teenage daughter and despise the fact she can kill a moose from a hundred yards out. What they don't understand from their studios at Rockefeller Center is that she represents America, not the anti-family/anti-religion country they crave.

Over the next few days we will see a shift in the polls. Congress will pass the big government bail-out bill Friday, the market will respond (positively?) and not until after the election will the sh*t hit the fan.

With a month to go, it's a brand new game.

Offensive Comic campaigns for Obama
Jewish stereotypes and racisim used by Sarah Silverman

"If Barack Obama doesn't become the next President of the United States, I'm going to blame the Jews." Those are opening words of comedian Sarah Silverman's pro-Obama video produced by the Jewish Council for Education and Research and their campaign to elect Barack Obama titled The Great Schlep.

The video targets younger Jews with the goal of getting them to convince their parents and mostly grandparents residing in Florida to vote for Obama.

The video has more more flaws than the congressional bail-out plan. To call it offensive to Jews is an understatement and just because Silverman herself is Jewish doesn't make it less disturbing.

If you take Silverman at her word, Jewish senior citizens are racists. That's right! The same people who stood by Dr. Martin Luther King, marched in Selma and to a large degree financed the Civil Rights movement are now bigots.

She also contends that Jewish grandparents don't like Obama "because his name sounds Muslim." Sadly for ignorant Jews such as Silverman, this argument holds no water. I don't know one Jew that believes Obama is a Muslim. What I do know is that they don't trust a man who has spent the last twenty years under the spiritual guidance of a multitude of anti-Semitic pastors.

They also fear a candidate who has brought in every anti-Israel advisor he can find from the Jimmy Carter administration to advise him on foreign policy. Did I mention the fact that he has worked with people who deny Israels right to exist and no matter how he sugar-coats it, he believes in meeting the President of Iran without preconditions.

Hey Sarah, I doubt skin-color has anything to do with it.

Silverman and her Hollywood friends have every right to support and campaign for anyone they want. Its what makes America great. But as a Jew, don't you dare attack the generation of our people that came out of the ashes of the Holocaust to teach the world the lessons from the genocide that took place. These same "racists" fought for a Jewish homeland. Your ignorance of our history is disturbing.

Like every group of people you will have bigots, but as whole no community of senior citizens is more accepting of all people than Bubbe and Zeide. You may want to rationalize your ignorance by playing the race or religion card, but it's simply not true.

Obama will still get the majority of Jewish votes. In fact no Caucasian group will support Obama in higher numbers. What hopefully will happen is that he won't get 80 or 85% of the Jewish vote, he will have to settle for 60 or 65%. Hopefully that number will contribute to his defeat. Regardless you seem to believe that voting against him is based on hate. No Sarah, it's based on survival.

Update 3pm

Jackie Mason Responds to Silverman

Speaking of elderly Jews who Silverman believes as a group are racists. Comic legend Jackie Mason has posted a video in response to the ignorant Yenta.



At 10/04/2008 9:10 AM , Blogger Jeff Morton said...

I have loved Jackie Mason for years...funny! As a black American, I never paid attention to how many Jewish folks literally created Hollywood. Now I realize just how rooted the Jewish community is in the entertainment industry. What is even more evident is how many of these Jews are without common sense! Sarah Silverman is disgusting to me personally. What makes these people simply follow the status quo is beyond me...Thank God for the Jackie Mason's of our time! Thank God he lived long enough to come out against a fellow Jew...when it is necessary. Now, what can we do about Babs? (How can such a beautiful voice have such lunacy in the soul?)


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