Friday, September 19, 2008

Media Morons and Political Putzes

Could the week have been any dumber?
Cafferty, Biden, Hillary, Hollywood, Obama, Oy Vay!

As I sit down to write this edition of Paulies Point; I'm trying to remember the last time such an abundance of stupidity had engulfed media headlines and editorial pages in the same week. At first I considered the week of the Democratic National Convention. Then I realized that the elitist rhetoric stemming from the podiums in Denver was amateur hour compared to what we have experienced this week.

Last week had its moments, especially after the media tried using the surprisingly mean-spirited Charlie Gibson interview of Sarah Palin against her. As Charles Krauthammer reminded us, Gibson and nobody else knows what the Bush Doctrine is. He should know he coined the phrase over seven years. Nope, not even last week's partisan ignorance of Gibson and other leftist media outlets salivating at their "gotcha" moment with Palin was more ridiculous than what developed over the past seven days.

Without hesitation lets start with CNN commentator Jack Cafferty. According to J.C. if you don't support Barack Obama you must be a racist. The fact that Obama's Socialist views make Chairman Mao look like Milton Friedman is of no consequence to Cafferty. Voting against increased taxes, bigger government and weakening our military is not a logical reason to not support the candidate of "change," even if the change is for the worse. It must be Obama's skin color not the fact that he is the Second Coming of Jimmy Carter.

Democratic Veep Sen. Joe Biden believes that paying more taxes is the "patriotic thing to do." To be fair, plagiarist Joe is referring to Americans making over $250,000 a year. What Biden and his economic ignorance forgets is that tax increases help no one, nodda, nobody. When wealthy people as well as the most Americans have their taxes cut, Uncle Sam collects more tax revenue because consumer-buying power increases.

The Obama tax plan for lack of a better word will rape small businesses currently struggling to meet payrolls and insurance premiums during tough times. If their taxes go up jobs go away and that is a fact. So if putting small businesses out of business and causing Americans to loose their job is patriotic, Obama/Biden is the way to go.

If you check my Blog from earlier this week, you will see that I have already tackled two of this past weeks most pathetic events. Both courtesy of Barack Obama. His Hollywood fundraiser that brought it over 9 million dollars for his campaign, while millions of people in Texas are in dire straits due to hurricane Ike. And who could forget his Socialist rant in Golden Colorado confirming he knows as much about economics as your brilliant blogger can speak Mandarin.

Maybe the most despicable event of the week hasn't officially taken place as it is scheduled for Monday. Stop Iran Now has planned a rally across the from the United Nations building to protest the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who will be addressing the UN.

Everyone is familiar with this nutjob's desire to finish the job Hitler started. His disdain for Jews as well as America, gays, woman and other minorities is legendary throughout the world. So it was appropriate for the organizers to invite prominent humanitarians and political leaders to this event, especially people who represent and support just ideas that are contrary to the hate rhetoric of Ahmadickhead.

Invited to the protest were hometown Democrat Sen. Hillary Clinton, GOP VP candidate Gov. Sarah Palin and Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel. All three individuals confirmed their appearance with the organizers, but after learning that Palin would be at the event, Clinton refused to attend claiming she was "blindsided.

"Her (Palin) attendance was news to us, and this was never billed to us as a partisan political event," said Clinton spokesman Philippe Reines. "Sen. Clinton will therefore not be attending."

"Partisan event!" What are you talking about? Let me get this correct. A Democrat and a Republican who support Israel, America, Women's equality and believe Gays shouldn't be tortured to death in public are appearing with a Nobel Peace Prize recipient is somehow a partisan event.

It was OK for McCain and Obama to remember 9/11 together in public. It was the right thing to do when McCain, Obama and Clinton came together for Darfur, however when it comes to speaking with a unified voice to support Israel that is a different story.

This situation stinks and the horrible stench is coming from the Obama campaign. Without a doubt they have decided to prioritize politics in the worst way. Instead of sending a clear unified message to a homicidal maniac, Obama has Hillary cancel her appearance fearing the appearance of her standing with Palin for a noble cause. Making matters even worse the organizers are without a doubt feeling political pressure from I wonder whom, therefore revoking the invitation of all politicians including Palin.

Maybe people who question my distrust of Obama are the dumbest of all.



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