Monday, September 15, 2008

Free Markets & Limited Government: Alive and Well in Scottsdale

Think Tanks, Bloggers and Freedom Oh My!
Transparency, School Choice and Action

For those who believe the Free Market & Limited Government movement is dead, I'm happy to tell you that you're wrong.

Nobody can blame you for feeling that way. For nearly eight years the GOP has abandoned their core principle of limited government and today we bear witness to a Republican President willing to permit the federal government to bail out businesses that have failed with nobody but themselves to blame. So much for the Free Market.

As far as the Libertarian Party, which some believe was the last hope for lovers of liberty, the sad truth is while their core principles are similar to the GOP, they have become the Party of drug legalization and nothing more. Take it from me, not much gets accomplished when decisions are made around a bong and a burrito as big as your head.

Of course it goes without saying that the Democrats offer nothing to believers in capitalism and freedom. As Socialism becomes the Party theme, they plan to expand the government, raise taxes and curtail the free speech of those who don't want the United States to become France.

So maybe we should just give up and display posters of Che Guevara? Not so fast!

This past week I attended the State Policy Network (SPN) convention and Samsphere blogger forum in Scottsdale, Arizona. I found myself in the Presence of nearly 500 activists from Think Tanks, Action Tanks and Blog/Media sites sharing a common desire to make government accountable and transparent, while sharing a dedication to the free market and keeping government small.

In the past when I was in the company of so many enlightened individuals, it was always a friendly and fun environment, but there tended to be an aura of disappointment. Are our efforts doing any good? Is there any hope that we can overcome a public perception and media bias that promotes a bigger, incompetent government that causes increased hardship, steals our freedom and takes away our money and personal choices disguised as economic and social justice?

I am happy to say there is a new found hope and a highly charged movement that wants to take back America by promoting free market solutions, reducing the size of government, giving parents and children school choice, while making certain government is open and honest. These same crusaders are working hard to make certain the public can obtain the truth through alternative news and information sources, instead of relying on the bias reporting of the New York Times and NBC News.

Thanks to groups such as the Goldwater Institute, Americans for Prosperity, Sam Adams Alliance and so many like them that attended the SPN conference, an army of free market and limited government advocates have been set forth to bring the ideals of our founding fathers back into the mainstream of American life.

Bloggers and new media sources investigating, researching and writing about the truth, willing to report what the mainstream press ignores or covers up will sooner than later be the norm for John Q Public to obtain information regarding current events.

From a media perspective, the biggest news of the conference was the revelation that due to decreasing profits and downsizing, mainstream newspapers and broadcast news outlets "no longer are pushing for access to information as they once did." In other words they will no longer be doing their job at a time when keeping politicians honest has never been more crucial.

This reality check is not surprising and maybe beneficial in the long run. The mainstream media has failed to be fair and objective in their watchdog duties for at least a decade. They often place investigative resources into exposing those who don't support their leftist agenda, while turning a blind eye to those who promote their ideals.

Now it will be the obligation of the blogosphere and other alternative media groups to make open records and FOIA requests, keeping government transparent and politicians honest.

As I write this post, your brilliant blogger feels that a rejuvenated free market/limited government movement is upon us. With the future of my children in mind as well as their children, I plan to make certain lady liberty prevails. I hope you will join me.



At 9/15/2008 9:55 AM , Anonymous NickyCheese said...

Great times in Scottsdale Paulie. Keep fighting the good fight, but don't be so quick to dismiss the Libertarians.

At 9/15/2008 10:54 AM , Blogger Paulie said...

Bob Barr, enough said. Harry Browne is no longer with us. We are better served influencing the GOP.

Scottsdale was awesome!

At 9/15/2008 1:12 PM , Anonymous Blue Collar Muse said...


Great to meet you this last week!

Nice to know that the Socialist Paradise that is Illinois (and which is operating with only one federal Senator for a while) has a few dissenters willing to shine the light of truth on what passes for democratic government there.

I'm sure we'll be seeing more of each other in the months ahead. Thanks to Mrs. Paulie and the young'ns for loaning you to us for a while.

At 9/15/2008 1:35 PM , Anonymous Stix said...

Welcome to the group. I attended the Chicago Samsphere and had to miss the onein Scottsdale. BUt i am like you and very energizedthat Sam Adams and otherrganizations arefightingto keep government smaller and more along the line of what the Founding Fathers wanted to be.

Also you got a great blog here.


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