Thursday, September 04, 2008

Palin Power

Rudy Passes and Sarah Scores
Palin displays grace, beauty and strength

Wednesday night will go down in history as one of the most memorable nights in political convention history. The evening made it's mark when former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani gave the keynote address. His speech was full of energy, humor and common sense. He made disgruntle Republicans begin to feel good about the Party again, while reminding people such as your brilliant blogger why he was my first choice during the GOP Primary.

America's mayor didn't mince words. Referring to Barack Obama as a "celebrity senator" who "never had to lead anybody in crisis." The most important comment he made was when he damned the opposition and the media for questioning if Sarah Palin should try being Vice President and a mother at the same time while "they never ask a man that question." Hillary supporters and Independent woman will remember that line every time the Obamedia rips Palin for being a working mom.

When Giuliani finished, it was clear that he had given the best speech of the convention and very possibly both conventions, especially compared to the Keynote sleep seminar delivered by Mark Warner in Denver. My concern was could Palin come close to performing as well as Rudy.

She did! Rudy passes and Sarah scored.

The look on MSNBC reporter Andrea Mitchell spoke volumes. The stunned angry look on her face was proof that this nobody from small town Alaska can not only mess with the big dogs, she could bitch-slap them into submission.

Palin showed that grace and beauty can be tough. She laid out why McCain should be President and why Barack Obama would be dangerous. However most important, she made viewers realize that she gets it and gets them because the Palin family are them. Speaking directly to middle America, she reminded America that Barack Obama looks down on them because of their values and beliefs. Obama and Democrats feel they are better than you. They feel they can do a better job running your life and raising your children.

It was obvious at the speeches conclusion that she hit not only a home run, but a grand slam. Fear and panic was blatant on the MSNBC set as Keith Olbermann was grabbing every mundane thought he could offer to cast doubt on the success of the night. Use of her family, a supposed criticism of community organizers, I'm surprised he didn't claim that you could hear her fart during the addressment.

Causing the most fear on the set was the harsh reality that their token had turned on them. Pat Buchanan is a bitter, non entity in the political world who hasn't said a positive thing about the GOP since his ass was kicked in the 1996 primary. After the speech he was tooting the Party line like it was 1984 and Reagan was up for re-election.

Palin and the GOP are not out of the woods, but then again they never will be when it comes to the press.

Thursday we will see the personal attacks and Inquisition targeting Sarah Palin and her family ramped up stronger than ever. If the media is going to have their Messiah in the White House, they better find a way to take her down. However what saves America from the deceptive practices of the mainstream press is that these elitist live in their own world with no real understanding of life between San Francisco and New York City.

That is why the Keith Olbermann's and Katie Couric's of the world have less influence than a pretty hockey mom from Alaska.



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