Friday, June 13, 2008

Shabbat Shalom 10 Sivan 5768

Environmentalists can go to Hell
Boy Scouts death used to promote cause

Tragedy struck Iowa Wednesday evening as a Tornado entered a camp ground killing four Boy Scouts and injuring countless others. As Americans come together and pray for the three 13-year olds and one 14-year-old that lost their lives in the disaster, the worst of America is also showing it's ugly face.

Environmentalists are using the death of these children to promote their cause. The Progressive thoughtless tank Center for American Progress Action Fund is claiming that the Tornado that killed these kids is a result of Global Warming.

What is a natural occurrence that frequently hits this part of the United States this time of the year is suddenly a propaganda tool for the Al Gore crowd. Considering that Gore is the leader of what is a leftist cult, his followers would learn from his action how to politicize tragedy.

Paulies Point readers have heard the story before, but it needs repeating. Gore spent most of his Senate career as the biggest recipient of Tobacco lobby money next to Jesse Helms. He gave a well documented speech while running for President in 1988, which he proclaimed how proud he was to be a tobacco farmer and of the industry. However when opportunity presented himself, he demonized the industry during his 1996 Democratic convention speech. He used the death of his sister as an example of how evil big tobacco was. The very definition of hypocrisy.

I believe the human race has a responsibility to take care of the planet. However like everything else common sense and facts must determine our action, not political opportunists who crave the need to matter.

Have you noticed how the term global warming has now become climate change? With extreme cold winter's and mild summer's dominating the earth, the movement has seen their scare tactics fall on more deaf ears. So they have regrouped and changed the term to "climate change," claiming that the so called "global warming" can have opposite affects...WTF! But I digress.

It's sad how low agenda driven leftists will go to promote their agenda. Truth is plenty of right-wingers do it too, but there is something that separates the environmentalists wack jobs from the rest of humanity. They believe they are on a different level that gives them to right to distort facts and propagandize tragedy if it helps their cause.

Israel bombarded with mortar shells
Olmert plays with himself while bombs fall

Try to put yourself in the shoes of millions of Israelis. Imagine living everyday knowing that at any moment you may have less than twenty seconds to find shelter because bombs were failing from the sky and you had no idea where they would land. Would you demand your government protect you, seek out and destroy the culprits? Damn right you would.

As bombs continue landing on homes, schools and playgrounds in Israel, the government continues to sit on their hands seeking a cease fire or truce with Islamic militants, which if agree upon would only give these monsters time to restock their rocket stock piles so they restart the bombardment at a later date. It is time for Olmert to resign and allow a government that has the will to defend her people take power.

The situation between Israel and the Palestinians is not complicated. Palestine can be a thriving Arab state if the Islamic world and the Palestinian people want it to be. Recognize Israel's right to exist, cease attacks on Israeli civilians, disarm and dismantle militants and sit down peacefully to discuss final border details. That's it that's all it will take.

The harsh reality is that Iran and the Arab world desire the conflict to continue. They despise Palestinians ands can care less about a Palestinian state. However they hate Jews more and use the Palestinians as an excuse to murder Jews and express their hatred toward the west.

With that in mind Israel has to inform the world of an ultimatum. For every rocket launched at Israel, the Jewish State will return the fire with their ability to strategically hit targets. Unlike Hamas and Hezbollah, Israel will never target schools, but will target government facilities and offices eventually resulting in no public infrastructure Sadly civilian casualties will be a reality, but it is the civilian population that must decide if they want to live side by side in peace with Israel or continue to live in fear because they hate Jews more than they love their children.

The ball should be on the Palestinian side of the court, but until Olmert stops playing with his putz and finds his Beitsim, bombs will continue to fall and Jews will live in fear.

Governor's own Party considering his impeachment
House Speaker Madigan showing his power and brilliance

In 1988 Rod Blagojevich was a lowly assistant state's attorney prosecuting everyday traffic cases until he met the daughter of Chicago alderman Dick Mell. Two years later according to witnesses Blogojevich marched into work and bragged that he was marrying Mell's daughter Patricia and he was going places. Twenty years later the one time state representative, congressman and now governor is still going places and that may be forced out of office, prison or both depending on who you ask.

Blago's long time friend, fundraiser and confidant Antoin "Tony" Rezko has recently found himself facing a long jail term after being convicted of 16 counts of corruption. During the trial Rezko confirmed what all Chicago political observers knew, which was that Blago had his eyes set on the White Hoise, but now his own House Speaker wants him removed from office.

Speaker Michael Madigan (D-22) has been without a doubt the most powerful Democrat in Illinois state government for decades. He has represented his district for over 35 years and was the power behind getting his daughter Lisa elected Attorney General of Illinois.

Common sense dictated back in 2002 when his daughter won her office that he was putting his plan in motion to make her governor of Illinois. Recently he implemented the next tier of that notion by issuing a memo to fellow Democrats pointing out how they can call for impeachment hearings against their own Party's sitting governor.

Madigan a fiscal conservative and Blagojevich a fiscal idiot have never gotten along. These are two men who's egos are too big to fit in the same country let alone state. The 14-page memo consisting of over 5000 words points out Blagojevich's alleged "misdeeds and malfeasance" will undoubtedly heightened the feud that exists between these men.

The fact that your own majority leader wants you ousted should not be taken lightly by the governor. However he does have one ace up his sleeve or should I say a loyal pet.

Senate President Emil Jones is as loyal to Blagojevich as a family dog. "I think it's wrong for the Democratic Speaker and Democratic Party Chairman to promote the impeachment of a Democratic Governor," Jones said. Notice the word Democrat as Jones places Party over right and wrong. In Jones feeble mind Blago can't do any wrong. While Madigan may be driven by an agenda to make his daughter governor the facts he is using to make his case are indisputable. Meanwhile Jones defends the governor based on Party loyalty and nothing more.

The soap opera in Illinois will continue and in strange way that is a good thing. Sure it's very entertaining, but more importantly the tighter the governors hands are tide the harder it is for him to f**k the state up anymore. No other way to put it.

On the lighter side of life
Schmuck Weekly is now online

You may be asking yourself why your brilliant blogger had not posted much this past week including no Tuesdays with Paulie edition. The truth is that I felt that Monday's posting was too important to only be featured for one day and I have had a few other writing assignments to tackle.

I am working on multiple articles for national as well as international publications plus I contributed a piece to a new blog.

Schmuck Weekly went online earlier in the week featuring stories, articles and commentary dedicated to "exposing incompetence, ignorance, lies and hate perpetuated by politicians, world leaders, governments and people who are full of themselves".

If you are looking for a lighter look at the world with no holds barred commentary and real life stories, check out Schmuck Weekly.



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