Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Wednesday Morning Wake Up

Democrats: Just like starting over
Hillary taken off life support, back in the game

DNC Chairman Howard Dean nightmare scenario has come to life. Instead of Barack Obama wrapping up the Democratic nomination last night with a victory in Ohio or Texas, he lost both states to Hillary Clinton. The Clinton campaign has new life and the fight for the nomination will unlikely be determined before the convention.

While the Delegate count still favors Obama, Clinton can lay claim to being able to win the big states as well as the battle ground contests. Her victory in Ohio was decisive, while her win in Texas was the big prize, since polls had Obama leading.

Over the past few days Obama appeared to be falling apart at press conferences as he was finally being questioned about his relationship with indicted fundraiser Tony Rezko. Super delegates may take notice to his glass jaw, which won't fair him well in a general election.

Clinton owes much of her success last night to the "right wing conspiracy" better known as talk-radio. Rush Limbaugh and his colleagues were advising their listeners in Ohio and Texas to vote for Hillary. Your brilliant blogger was amazed as listeners called in to Limbaugh and Laura Ingram and proclaimed their support for Clinton...for one day only. "It was painful to pull the lever for her," one caller said. Caller after caller echoed the same sentiment. It was obvious that the massive audience these hosts command was going to affect the outcome. How much will never know, but I would not be surprised if it made the difference in Texas.

The biggest winner of all last night was John McCain. The Arizona senator locked up the GOP nomination with victories in all four contests. He also gets to sit back and watch Clinton and Obama beat each other up for the next few months. Good times...good times!

Over the next few weeks very little is at stake. Mississippi may be the biggest prize which will go to Obama. The next state of great value is Pennsylvania, which is six weeks away. Hillary has the advantage there with a similar demographic as Ohio plus the support of the governor and his political infrastructure.

Obama has a bigger problem. Time. The longer this race lasts the more questions he will have to endure regarding his relationship with Rezko, concerns of Israel advocates and of course the Clinton machine. Obama is already seeing the pass the media gave him revoked. So far he has not handled real questions well.

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