Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday with Paulie

Limbaugh fears McCain will change GOP
We can only hope he is right

Paulies Point is not endorsing any candidates for President. My candidate was Rudy Giuliani and since his departure, I have decided to be open-minded and objective about the entire process. Unfortunately that is not the case regarding most conservative talk-show hosts who are bending over backwards to destroy current GOP front runner John McCain.

What I find fascinating is that Rush, Sean, Laura, Hugh and Mark have bashed McCain so much that if he gets the nomination, they will look like hypocrites when they eat crow and rally behind him against Clinton or Obama. They have put themselves in a corner and unless Mitt Romney pulls off a small miracle, they will have a miserable 2008 hosting their shows. On a quick side note: Ann Coulter, who I call the Howard Stern of politics because her only purpose is to shock people, actually endorsed Clinton over McCain in a recent episode of Hannity and Colmes.

Fascinating is a comment recently stated by Rush Limbaugh on his radio program. "I think ever since South Carolina 2000 he's had it in for the Republican Party," Limbaugh said. "One of his objectives is to destroy it and change it," referring to the GOP.

When I first heard this comment, I thought Limbaugh was using another scare tactic to get listeners to abandon McCain. Then I realized how wonderful it would be to change the Party, change it back to what it was before 2000.

Limbaugh and his radio colleagues continue to talk about the good old days of Ronald Reagan and looking for the heir apparent to the former President. Guess what, we haven't seen it in George W. Bush or any of the GOP leadership for nearly a decade. The day Newt Gingrich resigned his speakership was the day the GOP lost their connection to Reagan.

This may be hard for loyal GOPers to hear, but think about the increase in government and out of control spending under Bush and the GOP congress for six years. Sure they are a better alternative to the Democrats and get it when it comes to war on Terrorism, but being proud of the Party...no way in Hell!

Sure the tax-cuts have been good, but even they were much smaller than originally proposed. Did the GOP get us school vouchers or social security choice? No. The Department of Education still exists and the Republican President just proposed a 3 trillion dollar budget. Wake up people.

I'm not saying McCain is the answer, but if he would change the Party, I can't see it getting much worse. Find me a candidate that is Ron Paul (Domestic Policy) and Rudy Giuliani (Foreign Policy) combined and then you have Ronald Reagan.

Gingrich, Forbes, Pence are the only names that may remotely comes close to the ideal Republican Candidate. Last time I checked none of them are running for the White House.

Paulies Point Predictions

On the GOP side, I expect a good night for John McCain, but a big California win for Mitt Romney allowing him save face and carry on to the next big states. Mike Huckabee may carry 2-3 southern states causing damage to Romney
Hillary will be the overall winner for the Dems, but Obama will win California and make it so close, allowing nothing to be remotely decided on the Dem side.
Note of Irony. Many of these states pushed up their Primaries not because they wanted more relevance, but a few key legislators felt it would help Obama. The irony is with the momentum swing occurred by Obama, many of these states that Hillary may barely win would of have gone to Obama if his supporters would of shut up.


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