Friday, February 22, 2008

Shabbat Shalom 16 Adar I 5768

If the New York Times can do it
Journalism standards no longer exist

It was all the rage on Thursday morning. Every newscast and talk-radio program in America couldn't stop talking about it. I'm of course referring to the New York Times hit piece on presumed GOP presidential candidate sen. John McCain.

Having no substantiated facts only unnamed sources, the NYT published their first of what will be many attacks on the GOP candidate for President. Doing their part to destroy the Republican with the hopes of helping Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton win the White House in November, the newspaper has decided to ignore basic journalism 101 standards to promote their leftist agenda.

In honor of the NYT decision to destroy the little integrity left in the journalism profession, your brilliant blogger has decided to report stories that I believe to be true, but have no substantiated facts and sources that will go on the record.

Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D-IL) extramarital activities

Have you ever asked yourself why Chicago Alderman Richard Mell despises his son-in-law Gov. Rod Blagojevich. Mell is very much aware of his daughters husband's infidelity, which includes impregnating a staff member. Your brilliant bloggers unnamed sources are multiple Illinois State Troopers who were assigned to Blago's security detail during his first term in Springfield. Blagojevich eventually imposed a gag order on State Troopers assigned to him from talking to the press.

President Clinton still can't keep it in his pants

While the NYT tries to allude that John McCain had intimate relations with a lobbyist, the mainstream media has neglected a story the blogosphere has reported. Former President Bill Clinton had an affair with Canadian politician and billionaire, Belinda Stronach. The two have been spotted in public together numerous times causing quite the stir in the Canadian tabloids.

Stronach is not the only female politician Clinton may have been with. Political insiders in Michigan have suggested that Monica's ex-lover has had his share of afternoon delight with that states governor, Jennifer Granholm.

Back to Integrity

Now imagine if the above two stories were published in the Chicago Tribune or NYT. From the perspective of your brilliant blogger, I have my own sources and insight that suggests they both are or could be true. However no media source with an ounce of legitimacy would even consider suggesting these potentially career and personally damaging stories be published unless two sources would confirm for the record or they possessed photographs or documentation that proved the reporting accuracy beyond any reasonable doubt. A reporter may believe something, but unless they can present facts the story cannot see the light of day.

As of Thursday the bar for journalism standards has been set so low that the only difference between the NYT and the National Enquirer is their advertising rates.

Obama and the Jews
Jerusalem Post story confirms what enlightened Jews know

Within the next few days I will be publishing a related story regarding Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and why Jews should fear him in the Oval office, but could ultimately be responsible for him winning the White House. For right now start opening your mind to why Obama is the second coming of Jimmy Carter.



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