Monday, February 11, 2008

The Same Old Song and Dance

Why No "Shabbat Shalom" Post on Friday
When the world gets redundant so does writing about it

I usually start writing my Shabbat Shalom edition of Paulies Point on Thursday afternoon, just as the Sabbath begins in Jerusalem. As I sat down to write this last Thursday, I found myself simply bored. Super Tuesday had just passed and instead of having exciting subjects to write about, it seemed that there wasn't anything new to share my brilliant perspective about.

The conservative talk-radio hosts were still relentless on their assault of John McCain, refusing to acknowledge the GOP primary voters on Super Tuesday took their view with a grain of salt. The Democrats were at least interesting with the debate shifting to the power of super-delegates compared to the normal delegates. Apparently Hillary has an edge on the super D's, while Obama holds a slight lead on the normal D's.

Meanwhile humanity was showing it's dark side. A man in Tinley Park, Illinois took five women in the back room of a woman's clothing store and murdered them. Another maniac shot up a city hall meeting in Missouri also killing five before police shot him. The next 24 hours saw the gunman's brother make the cable news circuit defending his brothers shooting spree. I was literally sick listening to this poor excuse for a human being.

Didn't want to write about another event or person who could be the poster-child for the pro-choice movement.

By the time Friday morning came around and it was my last chance for a late edition, I found myself not interested in voicing my thoughts through the web. My apologies to my readers for not having a post this past Friday.

Hollywood getting ready for November
Expect another summer of anti-America/leftist films

My wife and I did something on Sunday that we rarely get to do anymore...we saw a movie. I don't mean a rental or pay-per-view; I am talking about a film at an actual theater with over-priced tickets and concession prices that require a second mortgage.

If it matters we saw Juno, which happen to be excellent. What I also found interesting was the previews before the feature film. Unfortunately I don't recall titles, but two films scheduled for a summer release were undoubtedly timed to influence the 2008 Presidential race.

The first movie was about U.S. soldiers returning home from Iraq and unexpectedly being sent back for another tour of duty. I know for a fact that this is a serious problem concerning our men and woman in uniform. Many military authorities have shown great concern for the mental and physical stress these extended and additional tours have had on our military personnel. If anything this sad reality serves as a reminder that the United States did go into Iraq unprepared for the insurgence or aftermath of Sadam Hussein's ouster.

However at a time when Iraq has undoubtedly taken a turn for the better due to the great success of the surge, bad news from Iraq or should I say any news from the frontlines no longer dominate the nightly news or front page of the New York Times. If Iraq is not on the minds of voters come November, than the Progressive left loose a key campaign issue.

Can't have that can we Mr. and Mrs. Hollywood Elitist.

Another movie coming out this summer features a Mexican boy trying to get into the United States illegally to be with his mother who has been in the country for four years. The previews showcase the child traveling in a compartment under the trunk of a car and dealing with the mean American authorities after what appear he has been caught. The film also features actress America Ferrera of Ugly Betty fame. Ferra is a gifted actress, but outspoken critic of the country that has made her wealthier beyond her wildest dreams. She has endorsed Hillary Clinton for President and will no doubt use the opening of the film to spew her pro-amnesty agenda while stumping for Clinton. A ploy that may even backfire on Clinton if she gets the nomination.

By know means am I saying these films shouldn't be made. I am the last person who believes in censorship in any form. However as I stated earlier, it is always interesting how these films are timed to influence elections and promote agendas. I guess that is what "art" is often suppose to do. Regardless these movies are a worthless. They make no money and preach to an existing choir.

Harsh Realities about Obama
He has explaining to do, but who will ask the questions?

On Super Tuesday I was surprised at the exit polls in New York City. Fox News asked Jewish voters in the Democratic Primary who they voted for. Clinton took the Jewish vote by a 3-1 margin, which did surprise me. Now why would it shock me that the sitting junior senator did so well? I wasn't surprised at her win, but the margin she defeated Obama within the Jewish community. The question that beckons to be answered is are Jews waking up to the truth about Obama and what his Presidency may mean to Jews?

In a recent article in Conservative Voice by Abraham Miller (Uncle Abe), Miller sits down with a friend who is a Holocaust survivor to discuss the California primary. I urge everyone to read the article, but I want to share two points of the conversation that intrigued me.

Miller: “So, will you vote for Barack Obama? Or, does he have a Muslim problem?”

Friend: If Obama were in fact a Muslim, a modern, moderate Muslim, I would have far less trouble voting for him than I do given who he is. What he is is dangerous, not just for Israel, but, even more important, for America.”

As Paulies Point readers know, your brilliant blogger has raised great concern with Obama's church affiliation, whose spiritual leader is an adamant racist and anti-Semite. The conversation in this article puts this problem in clear perspective.

Friend: “if we found that Bush belonged to a country club that discriminated against blacks, and he then said he ‘disagreed’ with its policies but still continued to pay his dues, would anyone with a moral backbone think the matter settled?”

Miller: “I think it would be front page news longer than Dick Cheney’s hunting accident.”

Friend: “Indeed. And if some racists burned a cross in the town square, would we consider our moral obligation discharged by saying, ‘we disagree’ with cross burning, but we don’t mind associating with cross burners?”

Common sense what a concept.

Unfortunately the list goes on and on why Jews should be concerned about an Obama Presidency. The irony is that if it wasn't for one Jew, congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, Obama would still be a state senator in Illinois being called an Uncle Tom by the Democratic machine and the black leadership. Schakowsky was the power figure behind his senate primary victory in 2004. With her history of ignoring anti-Semitism, these two are a match made is heaven.

Whether it's his Pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright, his anti-Israel Middle East advisor Robert Malley or his speeches singling out Jews such as Richard Perle and Paul Wolfiwitz who Obama said, " shove their own ideological agendas down our throat," while not even mentioning Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld or the Presidents influence, is very disturbing to say the least.

Your brilliant blogger believes that no Jew in their right mind would vote for Obama or Clinton for the simple reason that neither can even admit that a war exists against Islamic-extremists. That alone is reason enough to not support the Democrat in November. However until Obama changes church affiliation and fires his anti-Israel foreign policy advisors, Jews would be simply ignorant to even consider supporting his candidacy for President.



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