Monday, December 17, 2007

The Black Panther to the Rescue

The Bobby Rush Mandate
Illinois congressman to tell MLB what to do

Ouch! What just kicked me in the shin? That was another government bureaucrat having a knee-jerk reaction to a recent event and has decided to act without thinking about the matter first. Congressman Bobby Rush (D-IL) told a congregation of church goers Sunday morning that he will introduce legislation forcing Major League Baseball to require frequent drug testing of players by an independent body. Thank the Lord for sending Bobby to save baseball...Can I get an Amen!

Rush is a perfect example of how our best and brightest minds are not found in the halls of the United States Congress. This ex-convict, who served six months in jail for an illegal weapons conviction in 1969 and was a founding member of the Illinois chapter of the Black Panther Party, which was notorious for shaking down black owned businesses for money, is now going to use Uncle Sam to take drugs out of baseball.

This is what ignorant politicians do. They have no ideas or solutions of their own, so when a problem is made public, they take action that is not well thought out and is completely reactionary. Rush has been in congress since 1993 and in many ways is the poster-child for term limits. In 2000 a young energetic attorney named Barack Obama ran against him in the Democratic Primary. Obama was crushed by a 2-1 margin. Rush's campaign strategy was to label Obama an "Uncle Tom," it worked. I guarantee you Katie Couric or the New York Times will never bring that historical fact to national light. I digress.

Once again the government is going to stick it's nose where it doesn't belong. Let's get real people. Do we really want an intellectually inept schmuck such as Bobby Rush implementing rules and regulations on private businesses? Do we want any of the clowns in Washington enforcing their will on matters they no nothing about let alone in the private sector?

I will be the first one to admit that MLB dropped the ball badly regarding the abuse of performance enhancement drugs in the sport. However anyone that believes the government is the answer, they need to put down the crack-pipe. Baseball is a business that is living through a very bad public relations scandal. The sport and the fans meaning the free market will solve the problems, not an incompetent such as Bobby Rush.

The 2008 Hindenburg?
Ron Paul Releases Blimp and Raises Millions

Paulies Point has been very hard on Ron Paul over the past few months. Much of it has to do with my own personal disappointment in the Texas Congressman. How one politician can be so great on so many issues and so horrendous on others just blows my mind. Nobody in Washington is better on limited government, fiscal responsibility and taxes than the 10 term congressman. However his terribly naive approach to defense and foreign policy make him very dangerous if he ever occupied the White House.

With that said, Paul and his campaign deserve great credit for the job they have done. This past week the campaign came out with the Ron Paul Blimp, which has garnered strong media coverage and yesterday his campaign raised over 6 million dollars in a 24 hour period. An unprecedented fundraising effort.

As much as I disagree with Paul on defense and foreign policy matters, I am glad he is running for President. The fact of the matter is that he is bringing up very serious issues regarding taxes, spending and entitlements. The GOP remains good on taxes, but have wimped out regarding replacing the current tax system. Republicans have been shameful when it comes to spending. They have behaved like Democrats, giving them a lowered bar so they can take spending to a new level as they obtain control in Washington and march America to their goal of Socialism. These issues Paul has been vocal about and hopefully people will listen and demand their elected officials to behave more like the Texas congressman.

If Paul can leave his mark on the 2008 race for White House, let it be that he brought attention to the faults of the GOP when it comes to spending and the size of government. Unfortunately, I don' t believe that will be the case. He has the same support niche that backed Howard Dean in 2004. Well to do college kids who have a lap top, a few extra bucks, want to belong to a cause and have little direction in life.

Some want to be believe that a Libertarian streak of Wall Street is behind Paul and there are no doubt people like that. However they are the minority of his support and they mostly will hold their nose and vote GOP in November, especially against an Obama or Clinton.

Paul's bulk support comes from anti-war people, many who would despise his limited government domestic agenda and probably write checks to Socialists such as Dennis Kucinich.

It should also be noted that many conservative talk-radio personalities have labeled Paul a freak or a nut job. They are wrong for their assertion. Paul has great flaws when it comes to many important issues in our post 9/11 world. Then again so does every Democrat running for President. These conservatives know as I do that Paul is still great on domestic policy, but they fear to give him credit for those beliefs and rather give him a crazy person stigma. Such a label is not deserved, but admittedly after he makes ludicrous remarks about Iran not being a threat and America foreign policy is to blame for Islamic extremism, it is hard to argue against such a persona.



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