Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Paulies Back

Accountability or Racism?
Cook County politics hits new low

So your county board leadership wants to pass a tax hike in the area of nearly 1 billion dollars. Board members are fighting the increase, which in itself is unheard of in Cook County, Illinois.. The Democratic controlled board is famous for tax increases, patronage jobs and corruption as far as the eye can see. However this time around a few Democrats have come to their senses and joined the GOP minority in fighting this enormous tax increase. However, according to career politician and lifelong Democratic machine operative, Commissioner William Beavers, the budget won't pass because Board President Todd Stroger is African American.

Beavers said, "if Todd was a white man, he wouldn't have all these problems," referring to getting his budget and enormous tax increase approved. Beavers has led a political life filled with getting everything he wants. From running unchallenged for his various seats to giving out patronage jobs at will. However recent times have seen Beaver's power blow up in his face.

Beavers orchestrated a deal last year with Mayor Daley in which he would retire from his 25 year position as 7Th ward Alderman, have his daughter replace him, while he would be appointed to the current seat on the county board, which was vacated by retiring board President John Stroger...yes, Todd's daddy, who was then anointed to replace his father as President.

All of the above ensued, but in the general election Beavers daughter was defeated for the Alderman's seat the family had held for three decades. Voters claimed that the Beavers family was no longer in touch with the economically depressed ward.

With losing recently becoming all to familiar for Beavers, he has resorted to his glory days when the city was a vast racial divide. It worked then, maybe cries of racism will work again.

So here we are again, 25 years removed from the sad days when the city of Chicago Alderman voted strictly down racial lines. Back then Beavers was a powerful man who got his way. Today his colleagues aren't saying "yes" to all his requests and signals, weak they may be, of accountability to the people has reared it's ugly face in the eyes of Beavers and his lackey President.

Beavers and most of his Democratic colleagues have no idea what fiscal restraint or responsibility means. I mean that literally, these are phrases that they have never heard or can fathom. What is ironic yet sad is that he is crying racism, but it is his economically depressed constituents, mostly African American who would suffer the greatest hardship over the tax increases he so badly desires. White politicians, regardless of Party who he leveled the bigoted charges against are the ones standing up for the poor and lower middle-class minority groups who will suffer greatly under the Stroger/Beavers budget proposal.

It sounds like his constituents were right when they voted out his daughter and claimed his family was out of touch. I would call increasing the sales tax by 2% a hardship on that single black mother trying to raise 2 kids in his district out of touch. Thankfully, Whitey has come to her rescue.

Government can raise your kids better than you

Massachusetts may set discipline criteria, no spanking!

As a parent of two rambuncious boys I understand that disciplining the kids can be a tough subject to tackle. My wife and I do not consider ourselves parents who spank our children. We do however give a single swat at their behind in extreme bahavioral positions. I do not condemn parents who spank their children and believe that as long as they do so appropriately it can be a useful form of discipline. However there are those who believe that spanking is a form of child abuse and many of them hold office in Massachusetts.

Today the state legislature will hear arguments regarding a bill recently introduced to outlaw spanking, making it a punishable offense. Once again politicians believe they can raise your children better than you.

Whether or not this bill is passed is not even the point. The very idea that an elected official would propose such a measure is despicable. They claim it's about protecting children and fighting child abuse. What it is really about is a leftist mentality that believes people aren't capable of making decisions for themselves and big brother can do a better job.

Making matters worse is that the bill tries to save face by including common sense "can't do's" such as electric shock and whipping a child. These actions would already fall under child abuse in any court in the land. However, I guess it looks good to put them on paper.This proposal is just another way for politicians to raise your children because they believe they can do it better. Government has no place in the parenting department.

Do you want the same morons who created public education disciplining your kids?

I didn't think so.



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