Friday, November 30, 2007

Shabbat Shalom 20 Kislev 5768

Bringing back the racial divide in Chicago
Sun Times columnist discriminates against whites

Chicago Sun Times columnist Mary Mitchell is asking why Mayor Daley didn't recruit a minority for the top cop job in the city? Her column today does bring up a few valid points about why Daley has chosen the former head of the FBI Philadelphia field office, J.P. "Jody" Weis. The murder rate in Philly is higher than New York, LA and Chicago. However with added comments from Rev. Jesse Jackson and Mitchell asking why Daley is paying Weis 300k, when he could of found a "qualified black police chief who would work for $185,000 annually," it's obvious that the real issue here is race not qualifications.

This morning she discussed her column with Fox News Chicago and was pressed very hard by anchorman Patrick Elwood who undoubtedly disagreed with Mitchell. Elwood repeated the famous words by Dr. Martin Luther King, asking the Sun Times writer why we can't judge the appointed person, "by the content of his character, not the color of his skin?" Mitchell shrugged off the question, appearing very uncomfortable with the words of King used to repudiate her.

Mitchell like always lacked substance to defend her argument. She basically claims that only a minority can resolve the tension between the police department and the African American and Latino communities. What she fails to mention is that allegations of police misconduct regarding the treatment of minorities has been present no matter what skin color the police chief has.

The truth is that police chiefs all across urban America are administrators more than they are cops. Once you are given such a high position you become a CEO or a politician. Your affect on the average patrolman is non-existent. Promoting qualified people to be Sargent's and District Commanders is how you impact patrolman.

The sad reality is that Mitchell and Jackson want to see a minority as Police Chief and in Jackson's case an African American. Skin color is the priority not qualifications or character. I am very disappointed in Mitchell and her opinion regarding this matter. I may not always agree with her columns, but I have found her very principled and of the highest character when it comes to expressing her views.

I guess if high character is not a prerequisite for the top cop job in Chicago, why should it be for a newspaper columnist.

Paulie silent over Annapolis
Readers puzzled why no mention of conference in Blog

Many of you have asked me why I have been silent over the recent Israel/Palestinian peace talks at the Annapolis Conference. The reality is that there is nothing to talk about. Two powerless politicians got to spend a few fun filled days in the United States, attending lavish parties and making public statements about peace.

Before Israel Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian tool Mahmoud Abbas got off the plane, the event was a failure. Simply put, Abbas has nothing to negotiate with. He has very limited authority and either has no power to stop attacks against Israel or is promoting the violence against Jews behind the scenes. Either truth makes a worthless peace partner.

I thought about jumping on the critical bandwagon, writing a paper ripping the event, but I wouldn't say anything that anyone with any common sense doesn't already know.

Not until Israelis can wake up in the morning and not fear that a rocket or missile will land on their homes or Jewish parents can send their kinds to school without fearing that a suicide bomber has targeted their child's bus or classroom, is it even worth while to sit down and discuss peace.

Until then Israel is justified to defend itself with any means necessary. Are you listening Iran an Syria?

Where are the so called Moderate Muslims?
Death calls for British teacher who named Teddy Bear Muhammad

By now you have heard this disturbing story about a British teacher in the Sudan who permitted her class to name a stuffed toy Bear Muhammed. Brought up on Charges in the Muslim country she has faced 40 lashes. The court found her guilty and sentenced her to 15 days imprisonment.

No insult was ever intended by educator Gillian Gibbons. Your brilliant blogger does believe Gibbons is a perfect example of European ignorance toward the Islamic extremists threat the world faces today. However stupidity is not a rationale for imprisonment let alone Torcher. What makes this sad situation worse is that many Sudanese citizens don't believe her punishment was harsh enough. They want to see her executed.

My question is, where are all the moderate Muslims? The so called peace loving rational Muslims who don't believe in murdering the Infidel. Once again their faith comes across as a religion of intolerance and hate. The desperate need for their voice of reason is once again upon us and they are silent.

Do they even exist and if so, why do they stand by in silence as their religion is decimated by fanatics. These are the questions that very few people are willing to ask. Maybe they are afraid of the answer.



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