Monday, October 29, 2007

Paulies back with a vengeance

The politics of shame
while others come together

If it wasn't for the fact that the mainstream media buried the recent despicable antics by California Senator Barbara Boxer (D) , writing about it nearly a week later, would be moot. However in a day and age when bloggers such as yours truly and the rest of the alternative media are needed to report the truth and or the whole story, I cannot let this pathetic politician get away unscaved by the pages of Paulies Point.

With fires burning up southern California, destroying home after home and forcing over a million people to relocate, Boxer saw an opportunity to gain political points instead of offering hope and leadership during this tragic time. Last Tuesday Boxer stated at a congressional hearing that the California National Guard was, "down 50 percent in terms of our National Guard equipment, because they're all in Iraq" and that that had hampered fire fighting efforts. She also claimed that too many national guardsmen were in Iraq and unable to be utilized to assist in fighting the fires.

The truth of the matter is that over 17,000 guardsmen are available to assist in any efforts requested by the state, but only 1500 had been called to duty. California National Guard Col. Col. Jon Siepmann also repudiated Boxer's claim about depleted equipment due to the war in Iraq. "We have gone from a strategic reserve to a globally deployable force, and yet our equipment resources have been largely the same levels since before the war,” said Siepmann.

Sorry Barbara, can't blame this one on George. The fact is that if Governor Arnold needs more guardsmen and their equipment, he has a bountiful buffet of men/women and machinery to help in combating the flames.

Boxer suffers from a disease called “Bush Derangement Syndrome” which is a phrase termed by Conservative columnist Charles Krauthaummer. Simply put, leftist politicians inflicted with this illness believe that President George W. Bush is to blame for all things that are wrong in the world. Supporting this notion are the comments made by California Lt. Gov. John Garamendi (D). He also jumped on the falsehood that the guard was in Iraq and unavailable. In a softball interview on MSNBC with Democratic operative Chris Mathews, Garamendi was as disrespectful as could be toward a sitting President and the idea of Mr. Bush coming to California. Watch for yourself, what a dirtbag.

On a non-partisan note, Boxer's California colleague, Senator Diane Feinstein (D) set aside political differences, as she has many times during her career, to come to the aide of her fellow Californians. Feinstein joined Republicans, President Bush and Governor Schwarzenegger to tour damages, comfort families and attend a press conference to show Californians that a unified government was ready to assist.

Even though it appears that every level of government from local municipalities to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), has done their part effectively to save lives and as much property as possible, let me remind you that when disaster is at your doorstep, do not rely on government to save you and your loved ones. As you can see from the actions of political opportunists such as Boxer and Garamendi, they are more interested in political power than saving lives. Don't rely on politicians to save yours.

Why I am a Jewish Conservative
Great article on why many Jews are seeing the light

In January 1997, my first political editorial appeared in the Chicago Tribune. I'll never forget writing the piece and the pride I felt when it appeared in print. Since then I have seen my writing published on numerous occasions, but it wasn't until the massive decline of the print industry and the enormous growth of the new media via the Internet, did I become a more frequent contributor to the world of political and social commentary.

Professors David Koenig, Irving Katz and my uncle Abraham Miller, have been great inspirations to me as a writer. When it comes to publications that inspire me to be a better writer, one undoubtedly has been American Thinker.

American Thinker political director Richard Baehr has written extensively about conservative issues and has become a respected speaker on issues pertaining to Israel and politics that interest supporters of the Jewish State. Recently AT published a text of his most recent speech at Congregation Rodfei Zedek in the Hyde Park area of Chicago. Baehr spoke on the subject: Why I am a Jewish Conservative?

I strongly recommend every Paulies Point reader to take a few minutes and read Baehr's words. Rarely do I ever suggest people read someone else's description of myself. However, when it comes to explaining why Baehr, your brilliant blogger and a growing number of Jews consider themselves Conservative, there is no better description than the words of Richard Baehr. Check it out.

You Go Nick
French President has no time for B.S.

Did you happen to catch 60 minutes last night? I didn't because if I want to watch anti-American propaganda I will check out Al-Jezera or the BBC. At least they don't try to camouflage their disdain for the United States.

Anyway, Leslie Stahl did a story on French President Nicholas Sarkozy who is a staunch supporter of the United States and the war against Islamic extremism. A refreshing change compared to decades of French leadership that always undercut U.S. foreign policy and profit ted from violating economic sanctions against terror sponsoring states.

The idea of a pro-American French President is unbearable for the political left who view the anti-work and pro-Socialist French society as a model nation for the United States to aspire too. Stahl and her cohorts at CBS did their story, which admittedly I didn't see, but I have reviewed her short and I mean short interview with Sarkozy.

He is the President of France, not Britney Spears. However, at the time of the interview, rumors were circulating in France that Sarkozy and his wife were splitting up, which today we know is true. Instead of asking Sarkozy about the war on terror, the situation in Iraq or the ongoing nuclear weapons question regarding Iran, Stahl though Sarkozy's relationship with his wife was the appropriate way to begin their conversation.

Sarkozy told Stahl that if he had something to say about it he wouldn't say it here, meaning during their interview. Stahl pressed the question and Sarkozy reiterated his press secretary comment of "no comment." He then proceeded to remove his microphone, shook Stahl's hand and left the set.

Good for you Nick. If Stahl wanted to end their interview with do you care to comment on the rumors regarding your marriage, after a lengthy discussion on truly pressing matters, then OK. Starting the interview like she is a gossip columnist for the Enquirer or People magazine was unprofessional. I hope other politicians and world leaders take their cue from Sarkozy and shun tabloid journalism.



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