Friday, October 19, 2007

Shabbat Shalom 7 Cheshvan 5768

The "C" word is back
Cynthia McKinney considering Presidential bid

Former Georgia congresswoman and Jew-hater, Cynthia McKinney, has registered to vote in California were a movement has emerged to have her run for President under the Green Party banner. McKinney who believes President Bush knew about 9/11 before it occurred and has blamed the Jews for her two election defeats and most of the problems in the world, is highly respected amongst the Progressive establishment. The idea of McKinney participating in national debates spewing her conspiracy theories about 9/11 and Jews excites many in the Progressive movement.

McKinney's name is already on the ballot in California, along with six other Green Party candidates. She and the others were nominated by a Green Party convention in September. The former congresswoman has stated on her website that she is not interested in the Green Party nomination, but has not taken any action to have her name removed from the ballot, offering hope to fellow hatemongers and conspiracy buffs.

A McKinney run for the White House will be very appealing to Progressives who would not be satisfied with Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee. She could get backing by fellow anti-Semite and now congressional candidate Cindy Sheehan. The so called peace mom is challenging Nancy Pelosi for the Democratic nominee for congress. She and McKinney are good friends and with Sheehan's army of followers backing a third Party candidate in states such as California, it could have a negative impact on the Dems.

I say run Cynthia run! Take advantage of the media coverage you would receive and spew that insane rhetoric you are famous for. I assure you that this Jew will happily update my readers on your campaign and everything you say. Let the laughs, I mean debate begin.

Morons of Maine
Bureaucrats in charge of birth control

Unless you have been living under a rock this past week, you are aware that the Portland, Maine school board will now provide birth control pills to girls as young as 11 years old. This past Tuesday your brilliant blogger wrote about the insanity of even proposing the idea of a public school giving birth control to kids without parental consent or notification. The inconceivable is now reality.

With such a controversial program being installed, the debate begins or in this case the few supporters now must explain themselves. On Thursday I watched multiple interviews with the school principal and board members who voted yes for this program. What I came away with was that this situation is much worse than I thought and I didn't think that was possible.

In an interview with King Middle School Principal Mike McCarthy on Fox News, conducted by Shepard Smith, McCarthy demonstrated himself to be a bureaucrat following orders from superiors with no understanding of the situation at hand. The idea of this pencil pusher involved in handing out birth control pills to little girls is frightening. Just as scary are the board members and few parents who have deemed themselves the ultimate authority in determining if children don't feel right about talking to their parents about sex, they can now see a nurse and a pharmacist for parental guidance.

As a father of boys, I can only imagine the rage a father of girls would have if they found out that a public school schmuck had decided their 11 year old daughter can start taking the pill without my consent. I'd want to punch someone. Bad enough the same incompetent is giving my 11 year old son condoms. In either case the educational system has just given our children the OK to start fornicating. Brilliant!

Kudos to Limbaugh
Radio commentator turns table on Democrats

Agree with Rush Limbaugh or despise him, you have to give him credit for his recent handling of the "Phony Soldiers," incident. The most popular radio personality in America has turned the Democratic crusade against him into a very embarrassing situation for Harry Reid (D-NV) and the forty additional Senators who signed a letter condemning him.

The original letter sent to Mark Mays of Clear Channel Communications, Rush Limbaugh's syndication partner, was often quoted by the mainstream press and used as a propaganda tool against the radio personality. Mays did not ignore the document and in fact gave Limbaugh the original copy to do what he wills. Limbaugh has decided to auction it off and give the money to a worthy cause.

Limbaugh has promised the money raised to the Marines-Law Enforcement Foundation, which provides scholarship assistance to children of Marines and Federal law enforcement personnel whose parent dies on duty. While the Democrats trump up accusations that Limbaugh insulted our soldiers, he takes the very letter that makes these insinuations, sells it and uses the funds to help the children of our fallen heroes.

More remarkable is the money being raised. With a few hours remaining in the auction on Ebay, the current bid is over 2 million dollars. The original minimum bid was a mere hundred bucks. Limbaugh has taken a shameful act of political opportunism and tuned it into a glorious victory with the winner not just being Limbaugh, but the children of those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Limbaugh deserves kudos, while Harry Reid deserves a thank you for being a political hack, who's shame was turned into a silver lining for many children. Oh, by the way. Limbaugh will match the winning bid. Don't worry he can afford it.



At 10/19/2007 4:09 PM , Blogger granny6x said...

What evidence do you have that Cindy Sheehan is a Jew hater?

At 10/19/2007 6:44 PM , Blogger Paulie said...

Are you kidding me? Where do I start?

That is just the begining. I won't do your homework for you, but take 5 minutes on the Web and you will see that besides her anti-Israel, blame the Jews comments, she is funded by a who's who of anti-Semitism.


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