Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tuesdays with Paulie 08/21/07

Comparisons to Rosa Parks Offensive
Immigration reform activists desperate for heroes

Illegal Alien Elvira Arellano has spent a year in a Chicago church, seeking sanctuary so she won't be separated from her 8 year old son. As much as I disagree with her illegal entrance to the United States, as a father I admire her gumption to do whatever it takes to avoid deportation and stay near her son Saul who was born in the United States.

So what happened? Did the cause become bigger than your love for your son? I highly doubt that. Did immigration activists persuade you to leave the church and speak at a Los Angeles rally, brainwashing you into believing nothing would happen because of the publicity? That sounds more believable.

Sadly, your so called friends or political handlers were wrong or most likely purposely mislead you and now your sleeping in Tijuana, while your child will go back to school next week in Chicago without his mother.

I find it curious that before leaving the church, your people so to speak, informed the world of your intention to leave Chicago and speak in Los Angeles. Did it ever occur to you that telling the authorities what you are doing was a sure way to get deported? Maybe your fellow activists wanted you deported to help their cause? How does it feel to be a sacrificial lamb?

Besides yourself, Saul has been used by the immigration movement. Being placed on display at parades, speaking to politicians and thrown in front of the television cameras, is not exactly a normal life for an 8 year old boy. In fact it's a big responsibility for anyone to be the symbol of a movement. However, forcing it on an 8 year old child is just wrong.

The truth is that the media hasn't been camped out in front of the church in months and you haven't been on the immigration authorities radar for the same amount of time. Chances are you could of jumped into a car headed to Los Angeles, made your speech and been on your way back home before Uncle Sam would be ready to pick you up. Not to mention, save your son large amounts of grief and anguish.

Sure your public appearance would of raised flags, but you could of easily found an LA church to grant you sanctuary until it was quiet enough to go back to Chicago. However, you or your so called friends never prioritized keeping you in the same country as your son. Granted your activist friends are talking about holding vigils in your honor, but that will only last as long as your situation can help the cause. A month or two from now, your name will be forgotten and your son won't be near his mother. He is the real victim.

Miss Arellano isn't Rosa Parks, she is more like Rosie O'Donnell. A chump used by a movement that doesn't give a damn about her or her child. They only care about what you can do for the cause and in any battle sacrifices need to be made. As I said before, how does it feel to be a sacrificial lamb? Also, how does it feel to whore your child out for a cause that I guarantee will soon forget you.

God Bless you Saul Arellano. Shame on you mom.

Michelle Obama Rips Hillary Clinton?
Obama fluff piece typical Chicago Media

Is Sun Times political writer Jennifer Hunter on the Obama campaign payroll? I'm sure the answer is no, but she may as well be after writing this promotional piece about Obama's wife Michelle.

I was intrigued when I opened up the Drudge Report today and saw the headline, "Obama Wife Slams Hillary?" When I linked to the story I saw it was a Chicago Sun Times piece written by Jennifer Hunter. I knew instantly that journalism integrity would most likely be lacking from the piece.

Paulies point readers will recall that your brilliant blogger wrote an article last month exposing Hunter's journalism "bias or incompetence," after she wrote a story meant to promote the Democrat Presidential field and put down the Republican hopefuls, claiming a long time Republican had decided to support the Democratic nominee regardless of who that may be. I pointed out that the subject of her story had been contributing money to Dems over the GOP by a near 10-1 ratio since 2000.

Hunter's story today makes Michelle Obama out to be a flawless wife, mother and leader who is more intelligent than her husband and gives better public speeches. Granted Barack Obama has referred to his wife as being brighter than him. After recent comments by the Illinois Senator regarding foreign policy, the idea that his wife is more intelligent, is easy to believe. Nevertheless, Hunter runs with that notion to the point that it's obvious she is laying the ground work for Mrs. Obama to eventually run for office.

The headline from the Drudge Report is based on a comment Obama made about family values. "If you can't run your own house, you can't run the White House," Obama said, but did not elaborate. Hunter immediately claims that the comment, "could be interpreted as a swipe at the Clintons."

Is Hunter correct about the possible swipe at Hillary and Bill? Anything is posible. However, after reading the article about the perfect Mrs. Obama, you would get the sense that she was referring to her family campaigning together and the importance of strong family values at home is necessary before trying to run the country. If anything, I would view it as a swipe toward Rudy Guiliani before the Clintons.

For what I understand from people I know, Michelle Obama is a wonderful intelligent person. However, so is my wife and I don't see Jennifer Hunter trying to promote my wife to be a flawless Goddess who should run for office. Simply put, journalists need to be objective at all times. She could of easily wrote the story about how Obama has taken a larger role in her husbands campaign. Instead she wrote a promotional story about this perfect human being who she undoubtedly wants to see as the next first lady of the United States.



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