Monday, June 25, 2007

The Truth Will Set You Free

More Dishonesty from Michael Moore
Cato Institute cuts through the B.S. of "Sicko"

Michael Tanner, Cato Institute director of health and welfare studies, wrote an excellent article exposing the failures of documentary filmmaker Michael Moore and his latest movie "Sicko." In all fairness I have not seen the movie and have no intention of doing so. The fact of the matter is that Moore is an anti-American Socialist, who is more interested in embarrassing our country and President Bush, before dealing with hard facts.

Tanner exposes the truths that Moore conveniently ignores in his movie. Tanner doesn't claim our health-care system is perfect, far from it. He and well as your brilliant blogger believe the system is greatly flawed, but Moore praises the Socialized medicine of Cuba, Canada and Europeans countries, but fails to paint the real picture.

A few quick points: Moore claims that the waiting lists for treatment in Canada are simple inconveniences. The sad reality is that 800,000 Canadians are on these lists and according to Canada's Supreme Court, many Canadians waiting for treatment suffer chronic pain and, "Patients die while on the waiting list." In the United Kingdom over 50,000 surgeries are canceled every year and over 40% of Cancer patients never get to see an Oncology specialist. Delays in getting treatment are often so long that nearly 20 percent of colon-cancer cases considered treatable when first diagnosed are incurable by the time treatment is finally offered. Moore never mentions these harsh realities in his documentary.

Critics have said that "Sicko," makes health-care in Cuba to be the model for the third world. However, if it is so great, why did Fidel Castro fly in a surgeon, Dr. Jose Luis Garcia Sabrido, and his team from Spain, to treat the ailing dictator this past December?

Tanner's article is a must read for anyone who believes Moore has an ounce of credibility. Just as important is the eye opening facts of the failures of government controlled health-care throughout the world.

As a soon to be 20-year Cancer survivor, I can only imagine the danger my life would of been in if my amputation had to be delayed, allowing my disease to spread. America ain't perfect, but it's better than the rest.

Illinois 10Th Cong. District Dems Smell Blood
Kirk Vulnerable, Seals & Footlik to fight it out

Paulies Point will never hide the truth from it's readers and that is why it pains me to mention the vulnerability of Congressman Mark Kirk (R-IL). By no means is Kirk a perfect Congressman. However, when it comes to Taxes, Terrorism, Veterans issues and Israel, Kirk is a fantastic congressman and deserves to keep his seat.

Unfortunately for Kirk, he represents and area that is becoming more Democrat and as you have heard me say before, the Jewish community who he has stood by since his first day in office, abandoned him last year and I believe will do so again.

What makes the race more fascinating is that the Democrats are smelling blood, so a primary is in the making. Enter Jay Footlik and Kirk's last opponent, Dan Seals. Footlik brings an interesting resume to the primary. He worked for President Clinton and was an advisor to John Kerry's Presidential campaign. I can't find much info on him, but one comment posted in 2004, from a J. Lichty said, "expect another Clinton-like push for Israeli surrender with Jay Footlik devising policy."

Dan Seals is...well Dan Seals. Very little substance, but he has the Barack Obama appeal of being young, good looking and energetic. Not to mention the anti-war Socialists love him.

Your brilliant blogger has no idea who will win the Primary seven months from now. I can tell you that come November, the DNC will take a close look at Kirk's numbers and if they feel he can be defeated, they will push Footlik or Seals to get out, so they can get behind one candidate early and to save money. My guess will be that the Democratic Machine will lean on Seals because Footlik is an insider with stronger ties, but Seals will have the support of the Rep. Jan Schakowsky and Barack Obama, who are not part of the old guard Dem machine.

I wish them both luck in spending their money early and dragging each other through the mud.



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