Friday, June 08, 2007

Shabbat Shalom 22 Sivan 5767

Edwards Campaigns with Danny Glover
Presidential hopefuls catering to America-haters

If you are an adamant supporter of Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro, why would anyone seeking the office of the Presidency want to be in the same room with you, let alone embrace your support? That is exactly what former Senator John Edwards is doing, when he attended a campaign event in South Carolina with Communist sympathizer and America hater, actor Danny Glover.

The star of the Lethal Weapons films, Glover has recently received over 18 million dollars by the Chavez controlled Venezuelan government to make two movies. To say that Glover is in bed with Chavez is an understatement. So why would Edwards want to utilize Golver's support on the campaign trail?

There is a very important question that must be asked? Is the far-left or anti-America Progressive movement, so powerful within the Democratic Party that candidates want to gather support from public figures who openly despise the United States? We've already have seen Presidential candidates such as Senators Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama vote against funding troops in Iraq, which is a directed at catering to the far-left of the Party. If pleasing radicals who despise America is the only way to the Democratic Nomination, what does that say about the Party as a whole?

Time Magazine writer Joe Klein, who is no friend of the Bush administration, has an article that talks about the relentless nature of left-wing bloggers. Regarding the "left-wing sector of the blogosphere," Klein wrote, "Anyone who doesn't move in lockstep with the most extreme voices is savaged and ridiculed—especially people like me who often agree with the liberal position but sometimes disagree and are therefore considered traitorously unreliable."

This statement perfectly describes the voters Edwards and his fellow Democrats are trying to sway. It's perfectly understandable for a candidate to want to appeal to as many voters as possibly. However, the true test of courage and character is when you run on your own values and ideas. I don' believe Edwards, Clinton and Obama hate America, but I do believe they have demonstrated beyond any doubt, the lack of integrity to sit in the Oval office.

Nothing good comes from Paris
I can't believe I'm talking about her

If there is one subject your brilliant blogger does not care about, it's the spoiled brats that come from the California limelight. However, the recent release of Paris Hilton from jail due to supposed medical problems, raises legitimate questions about favoritism for the rich, famous and white within the legal system...or at least in California.

The hotel heiress was put under house arrest wearing an electronic tag after serving three days. Apparently doctors are concerned with her mental state and possibly suicidal tendencies. Current reports claim that the lawbreaker refused to eat and cried herself to sleep every night. Guards and prison authorities feared she would have a nervous breakdown bringing on a suicide attempt.

Regarding the concerns about Hilton's mental state and well being, welcome to the world of incarceration. Jail is not a Hilton (pun intended) and justice is supposedly blind, which means it doesn't matter if you were raised in a housing project or a mansion, everyone is treated equally. If illness would of fallen upon Hilton, they have a place at ever prison called an infirmary for her to receive medical attention, while serving her sentence. If she is suicidal, she can be put on 24 hour surveillance. However, the idea of releasing her to the confines of her luxurious home setting is offensive.

Everyday in this country thousands of inmates cry themselves to sleep, refuse to eat and are suicidal. That is why they are not permitted to keep sharp objects or anything they can hang themselves with inside their cells. However, when a wealthy white woman is the inmate, the rules are different and often race does have something to do with it, when it comes to the prison system.

Right now we are hearing that she has "fooled" or "conned" her way out of prison. I find it hard to believe that she could fool anyone and that is why the original prosecutor and judge may send her back to prison after her court hearing at 9am today. The fact is that unless her attorney can demonstrate that she needs to be treated in a major medical facility, which would require a 24 hour guard, Hilton must do the time. Anything less would be preferential treatment and that makes a mockery of the justice system.

Operation Opera, 26 years later
"We shall defend our people with all the means at our disposal,"
Prime Minister, Menachem Begin

In 1975 French Prime Minister Jacques Chirac negotiated a deal with Sadam Hussein to sell Iraq a "Osiris class" nuclear reactor. At this moment, Israel new that it would only be a matter of time before the mad dictator of Iraq would be able to produce nuclear weapons that could annihilate the Jewish State.

In 1979 Iraq began construction of their nuclear reactor in Osirak, near Baghdad. Right around this time, Israel began planning "Operation Opera," which was designed to be a last resort military strike on the nuclear facilities in Iraq. Eventually diplomatic and intelligence channels had been exhausted and Israel was left with no choice, but to destroy the reactor, in what would be a military mission for the ages.

26 years ago yesterday, Israel successfully destroyed Sadam Hussein's dream of being a nuclear power. At the time, Israel was condemned by the world, including the United States. President Reagan was told by Secretary of State, Alexander Haig, "Mr. President, before this is over we will be thanking God the Israeli's did what they did." However, the official U.S. policy was negative and the main voices were Vice President George Bush and Chief of Staff James Baker (not surprising).

Nearly ten years later during Desert Storm, thanking Israel was exactly what President Bush and the world was doing. If Sadam Hussein had nuclear capabilities, his invasion of Kuwait would of ended differently. When the war ended, the Israeli Ambassador received a letter written by Defense Secretary Dick Cheney. The note was on a satellite photo of the destroyed Osirak reactor, with the words "if it wasn't for you, Desert Storm would of not been a success."

Take a moment today and think about the importance of prevention. Whether it's destroying a nuclear reactor, gaining intelligence before a terrorist attack or removing a dictator who wants to destroy you. The world can learn much from Israel because they know that everything is meaningless if you don't survive.

Check out this fantastic documentary, "Raid on the Reactor."



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