Thursday, June 14, 2007

Good Publicity vs. Bad Publicity

NY Times Reporting Obama Ties to Rezko
Indicted fundraiser links to Obama going national

I shouldn't be so hard on the NY Times. The publication has been losing money, subscribers and credibility for years. Today they actually reported negative information about a Democrat running for President, which means that as long as it ain't Clinton, the story is worthy of ink.

Many months ago, your brilliant blogger began telling you about Illinois Democrats and their ties to indicted fundraiser Antoin "Tony" Rezko. The New York times is rehashing much of the same information I have already written about. However, they are bringing the story to a national audience as well as putting together a historical time line of Rezko's dealing with media darling and Presidential candidate, Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL).

Tony Rezko is a name you will continue to hear about in the near future. The evidence against him is supposedly overwhelming and if that holds to be true, the Syrian born entrepreneur who owns over 30 Papa John Pizza franchises, will have trouble switching his lavish lifestyle to that of a resident of the Illinois Department of Corrections. In short, Tony gonna make a deal.

What Rezko may or may not know has many Illinois Democrats staying awake at night. Besides the Governor and Senator, Attorney General Lisa Madigan, Comptroller Dan Hynes, former Cook County Board President John Stroger, and Cook County Board President Todd Stroger all have had dealings with the political money man.

Only time will tell who Rezko takes down with him. I believe that Obama will survive Tsunami Tony and Blagojevich will find himself sharing a cell with another Illinois Governor.

A Great Role Model for Woman
Fat Rant Video catching fire on the internet

Six months ago, 26-year old aspiring actress Joy Nash filmed a video taken from a monologue she wrote for an acting class six-years earlier. Three months later, "Fat Rant" began airing on You Tube and has been seen by nearly a million people.

The 7 1/2-minute video features Nash embracing the fact she is "moderately obese." The 5.8 224 pound brunette talks about being proud of who she is and people like her should live their lives to the fullest and not allow society expectations to ruin their lives. "I'm not saying we should all be sitting around, patting ourselves on the back, cramming ourselves full of junk food with our sweatpants stapled to the sofa — obviously diet and exercise are vital," she says in the "Rant." "I am saying that if you do those things — eat right and exercise — and you still aren't thin, your life is not over."

Paulies Point readers know that your brilliant blogger is fat. In fact I just started a Hip Hop group called the, "Obeastie Boys." However, like Nash, I do not allow my weight issues to keep me from living my life. I do not lie to myself and think I am in optimal health, but I do exercise and eat a healthy diet, consistently losing weight since Christmas. I also know that I will never be thin, so I embrace the idea of being healthy and happy with who I am. That is exactly what "Fat Rant" preaches, which is desperately needed in a culture that teaches teenage girls that if you aren't as thin as Paris Hilton or Nicole Ritchie, your worthless.

When you watch the video you can't help but admire Nash's attitude. Unlike most woman she knows that even though she is heavy, she is still very attractive and fitting into single digit size clothing is not the key to happiness or beauty.

Joy Nash is the definition of female empowerment. Knowing full well that perfection is impossible, but happiness is as long as you can love yourself.

Government Accountability Group Getting Street Credit
John Stossel writes about Property Owners Victory

When it comes to limited government and free market causes, nobody has a more respected voice than ABC 20/20 reporter and Creator Syndicate columnist John Stossel. The champion of common sense latest column is about a matter that your brilliant blogger wrote about a few weeks back.

The subject was eminent domain abuse by Target stores and the Village of Arlington Heights, Illinois. Village Trustees were going to use eminent domain as a reason to condemn land, so Target could build a mega store on a site that had a strip mall and a legal property owner. Target eventually decided against the project after being bombarded with letters, email and telephone calls by outraged citizens, who were against the villages abuse of power.

The campaign to defeat this big brother measure was lead by the Sam Adams Alliance and Foundation. Stossel gives SAA the kudos they earned and the recognition they deserve in his most recent article. Your brilliant blogger is proud to say that he has an extensive relationship with SAA and looks forward to assisting them in many government accountability ventures in the future.



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