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Tuesdays with Paulie 6/05/07

Clear as Mud
Brilliant letter in the Chicago Tribune

Thank you to Roger Peck for allowing your brilliant blogger to republish a letter he recently had in the Chicago Tribune. In a world that views history with "20/10" vision, I believe this commentary is perfect.

It's clear now that the United States should not have invaded Iraq. It's clear now that the Iraqi people hate each other more than they love life. It's clear now that Saddam Hussein, having ignored the first 17 United Nations resolutions, would have obeyed the 18Th, or the 19Th, or the 20Th . . .

It's clear now that firing on U.S. and British planes in the UN-mandated no-fly zone was not an act of war unless you are the one being fired at. It's clear now that the UN "Oil for Bribes" program would have eventually helped the people the program was intended for unless Iraq ran out of oil first.

It's clear now that France, Germany, Russia and China were interested in doing anything to stop Hussein as long as it didn't affect their trade with him.
It's clear now that intelligence agencies of Britain, France, Russia, Israel and Germany all believed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, but only the U.S. is to blame for being wrong.

It's clear now that the families of Palestinian suicide bombers would have stopped accepting payments from Hussein because they really don't need the incentive to kill Israelis.
It's clear now that the Democrats in Congress were duped by the Bush administration even though they all had the same evidence.

It's clear now the these same Democrats, having been duped, are now somehow smart enough to be president.

Doesn't that clear that all up?

Roger W. Peck

Bad time for Democrats

Rep. William Jefferson, (D-La), was indicted on Monday on federal charges of racketeering, soliciting bribes and money-laundering in a long- running bribery investigation into business deals he tried to broker in Africa. So much for the Democratic controlled House cleaning up corruption within the federal government.

The charges against Jefferson can be found in a 94 page indictment, which if convicted, could send the Louisiana congressman to jail for 235 years. You may recall that federal investigators found 90,000 dollars in cash in his freezer and two of his aides have already plead guilty in this ongoing case.

In 2006 the Democrats jumped on the corruption bandwagon, using Jack Abramhoff, Scotter Libby and Marc Foley as examples of GOP corruption and cover-up. However, your brilliant blogger resides in Cook County, Illinois, which at the hands of the Democrats, wrote the book on political corruption and how to get away with it.

This will not be the end of the Democratic scandal within the national and local ranks. On the home front (IL), expect more to come down the pipe regarding Governor Blagojevich as well as the Daley administration. Also expect a bombshell to hit later this week or next week regarding two other Congressman within the Democratic Party.

Diary of Rutka Laskier
Holocaust Diary of the 'Polish Anne Frank' Unveiled

She is being called the "Polish Anne Frank." Rutka Laskier diary was unveiled Monday by Israel's Holocaust museum more than 60 years after she vividly described life in a Jewish ghetto, before she was sent to Auschwitz to die.

In 1943 Rutka was the same age as Anne Frank, the Dutch teenager whose Holocaust diary has become one of the most important documents, reminding the world of the horrors of the Holocaust. The diary chronicles Rutka's life from January to April 1943. She shared it with her friend Stanislawa Sapinska, a Christian girl who offered to hide the diary in the floorboards of their basement.

The diary is a detailed account of the horrors of the Holocaust in the town of Bedzin, Poland. Rutka chronicles life as a teenager, talking about everything from first loves to hearing about the horrors of the gassing of Jews, news that had filtered into her town.

The passages that have been released are heart wrenching to say the least. "The little faith I used to have has been completely shattered. If God existed, He would have certainly not permitted that human beings be thrown alive into furnaces, and the heads of little toddlers be smashed with gun butts or shoved into sacks and gassed to death." Rutka writes.

The release of this diary serves as a reminder of the real horrors that took place under the Nazi's. During a time when Holocaust deniers are consistently in the news, Jews must remember that history too often repeats itself and we must never take anti-Semitism lightly and expose it whenever it rears it's ugly head. Those who believe that the Holocaust can't happen again are fools who refuse to recognize the hate toward Jews and Western civilization that exists today.

Never again is now!



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