Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Personal Tuesdays with Paulie

Mazel Tov Jonathan, Sharone & Baby
A beautiful baby boy and new hope

Shannon and I want to express our joy and best wishes to our great friends Jon and Sharone, over the recent birth of their first child, a healthy baby boy. Judaism dictates that whenever a child is brought into the world, that child also brings new hope for the future. Jon and Sharone will be wonderful parents and their son will be a credit to humanity.

They will bring their son into the covenant of the Jewish people by performing the mitzvah of brit milah (the commandment of circumcision), at which time he will also be given his name. Once again Mazel Tov, health and happiness to your growing family.

Dr. Michael Menis Receives Presidential Appointment
RJC Chicago Chapter to help preserve America's heritage abroad

Congratulations to my good friend Dr. Michael Menis for his recent appointment by President Bush to serve on the U.S. Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad. Michael is currently the President of the Chicago Chapter of the Republican Jewish Coalition, which has been growing at an unprecedented rate under his leadership.

Michael will be sworn in this week by Supreme Court Justice, Samuel Alito in our nations capital. Congrats to Michael and his family, I know you will serve our country with honor.

Oakview Jr. High Class of 1984
A great reunion weekend we will never forget

During a lifetime people come and go. However, the relationships created during ones childhood will always remain the same, regardless of time. This past weekend proved those words to be correct, when the Oakview Jr. High School class of 1984 got together Saturday night and Sunday afternoon.

I knew the weekend was going to be special, but it didn't truly hit me until I arrived at John Barleycorn's in Lincoln Park West, Chicago. As soon as I walked through the door and saw faces I haven't seen since the first President Bush was in office, time simply reversed itself.

Daryl Deino, Bob Ellison, Marc Hornstein, Melissa Torres, Laurn and Tracey Kurtz had already arrived, while I showed up with Steve Klawans, Gary DeCastro, Carter Lee and Mike Greenberg. The second we arrived everybody began embracing and the reminiscing was at full throttle. Somebody was poking fun at this teacher or imitating that one, while of course asking who was still teaching, retired, alive or past on.

Once we all adjourned to the downstairs party room, anticipation began growing, who was going to come down the stairs next? Laurie Woll, Jon Allard, Omar Sotelo, Ira Penner, Nicole Cunnea, Aaron Lopata, Paula Brazen, John Katz, Harry Litberg, Billy Handler, Ting Cheng, Alexander Delagado and the list went on and on.

We laughed, we drank, we hugged, we drank, we shared stories, talked about our children and spouses, didn't talk much about our jobs and constantly said, "remember when." Even though the decades had gone by, we all reverted back to our old friendships and simply picked up from the time Mr. Becker yelled at us for tossing our graduation caps.

Sunday was just as special if not more so. Today we introduced our children to each other as well as had additional attendees, including some of our former teachers. Mr. Obrien was obviously thrilled to be with all of us and it was apparent that he hasn't changed his wardrobe in thirty years. Mr. Steinway and wife Mrs. Satterwaite, were a delight to reminisce with. Mrs. Josephson and Mrs. Higgins reminded us of how much we learned in their classes. For myself and many, seeing David Tesnow again was an unbelievable joy. I don't believe a month goes by that I'm not with one of the old gang and someone yells, "Paul Miller pick a team." Marc Hornstein said it best when he told me, "watching Mr. Tesnow play catch with my son, was life coming full circle." I can't remember when I have heard more truer words.

Good weather, good food and great company made Sunday afternoon a pure delight. The kids had fun, our spouses made new friends and lifelong friendships were rekindled. I recall telling a few people that I didn't never cared if I went to my high school reunion or not. However, seeing the people I grew up with, many since kindergarten, "wild horses couldn't drag me away," from my junior high school friends.



At 5/30/2007 1:38 PM , Blogger M Greenberg said...

Well said Paulie.

It was and always will be a weekend to be remembered.


At 5/31/2007 1:18 PM , Blogger Jon Allard said...

Nice touch Paulie...

This Memoral weekend will be a "stitch in time", that will be with us always.



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