Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Mickey Mouse School of Terrorism

I don't believe that Walt Disney, who was no fan of the Jewish people, ever imagined when he created the cartoon Steamboat Willie in 1928, that a terrorist regime would one day use an image of Mickey Mouse to teach children why and how they should murder Jews and the President of the United States.

The organization Palestinian Media Watch has released a disturbing video, which recently aired on the Hamas controlled television station Al-Aqsa (Hamas). I urge you to watch the video without your children in the room since it will spark questions that you may not want to answer at this stage of their impressionable lives. Keep in mind that the video is used as an educational tool for children in the same context that decent human beings show their children Sesame Street or Dora the Explorer.

If there was one thing in this insane world of ours that I was certain I would never see, it would be Mickey Mouse pretending to fire an Ak 47 assault rifle and teaching children to kill. I guess the underlining word is "insane."

I will never understand why Jews such as Noam Chomsky and Prof. Norman Finkelstein believe that groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah want anything to do with Jews unless it is a second Holocaust. I'm sickened at the Progressive movement in the United States who condemn Israel when they defend themselves, but are no where to be found when Arabs teach their children pure hatred toward Jews and Americans.

I'm too often reminded of a family dinner that took place at my Grandma Ida's house back in 1979. Everyone was arguing politics and talking about Israel. As an innocent 9 year old child, I asked my family, "Is Israel the only thing that matters?" For the first and only time in my families history, everyone at the table replied in unison, "yes!"

As a father and husband, everything is secondary when it comes to my family. That should be the attitude of every parent in the world. When I know that an evil exists that wants to cause harm to my wife and children, it becomes the priority issue in my life and you damn well better expect me to expose it and combat it in the political and literal sense.

Never again is now and by any means necessary.



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