Monday, January 22, 2007

Monday Morning Quarterback 1/22/07

Bears Win...Bears Win!
So-called experts can kiss our ass!

Watching ESPN, reading national sports writers or listening to sports radio talk-shows one thing was clear, the Bears where not going to defeat the destiny bound New Orleans Saints. So much for those who claim to be experts. Bears win and win big 39-14.

So why did the experts overwhelmingly pick a 10-6 team who played a 4Th place schedule over a 13-3 team who played a 1st place schedule? Better Quarterback? Drew Brees undoubtedly was a more consistent QB than Rex Grossman. Better Running game? Maybe, but that would be a tough sell. Reggie Bush and Deuce McCallister are definitely a great combo, but Thomas Jones and Cedric Benson are just as formidable. Better Defense? No. Better Special Teams? No. Better Coaching? No. So once again why did the experts not give the Bears a chance?

It may have simply been the story mileage the sports media got out of telling the Saints story. God Bless the city of New Orleans and the citizens devastated by Hurricane Katrina, but this whole story line that the Saints where this great motivation factor and up lifter for the citizens of the city was B.S. from the beginning. I am a huge sports fans and as you can tell that I am thrilled that the Bears are going back to the Superbowl after 21 years. However, no matter how much joy I get from the Bears, I know that their performance will have no major bearing on my life. I will undoubtedly get great pleasure from the Bears, but they have no affect on my children's well-being, my financial security or lack thereof or if my wife will stop nagging me when I am watching the game instead of cleaning the house. I can't imagine how people who are going through terrible struggles since the hurricane are living and dying by the Saints, which the media has tried portraying since the playoffs began. An argument can be made that the media has trivialized the struggles of Louisiana residents by portraying the people as recovered if the Saints win. Drew Brees and Reggie Bush winning isn't going to put food on anyones table or fix a destroyed home.

God Bless the hurricane victims and congrats to the Saints on a great year. I hope you have fun watching my Chicago Bears and Indianapolis Colts in Miami on February 4th.

Good Rex...Bad Rex...
It's all Great Rex!

It doesn't matter if it's Chicago, New York or Los Angeles, Sports journalists all over the country have continuously made reference to the play of Rex Grossman in the terms of Good Rex or Bad Rex. It's time for everyone to grab a big mug full of shut the f--k up! Rex Grossman is fine, in fact he is more than fine. The Bloomington, Indiana native has had bad moments and bad games, but he is barely past the experience level of a rookie and he has led this Bears team to the Superbowl. End of argument. No shut up now, no more discussion about it. It's all great Rex!

The Brother Bowl

An African American friend of mine and I where discussing the possibility of not only the first African American head coach in the Superbowl, but possibly two. During the evening we brought other people into the conversation and by nights end my friend coined the phrase, "The Brother Bowl."

I am one who does not like to bring race into any issue. Unfortunately, that is me and not everyone else. I don't believe there is a conspiracy to prevent the hiring of black coaches or even believe racism is involved in the fact that there are few black coaches compared to players. What I do believe is that anyone who believes African Americans can't be in positions of intellectual capacity in sports, such as Head Coach, General Manager or Quarterback are racists.

With that said, I am glad that two African Americans are coaching both Superbowl teams. I am also glad that the media will be making a big deal about it. From a historical perspective racism has been a cancer in the history of most professional sports in America. 17 years ago Art Shell became the first African American head coach. Since then only eight African Americans have held the position. Today two of those eight are taking their teams to the Superbowl.

Anyone who still has a racist bone in their body need to pull their head out of their ass and understand the unbelievable amount of hard work, determination and intelligence needed to take a professional football team to the big game. Congrats to both Lovie and Tony for their great accomplishment not just as African American men, but simply as men who are football coaches who have accomplished greatness.

My Colts...My Colts?

It is no secret that I am an Indianapolis Colts fan. In Baseball I am a Cincinnati Reds fan as my National league team. However, everyone knows my love and loyalty is with the Bears and White Sox respectively, but I am fond of the Colts as my AFC team. So congrats to Indianapolis.

Nobody has been more critical of the Colts this season than your brilliant blogger. After a great start, the Colts seem to get off their game plan not utilizing wide receiver Reggie Wayne and running back Joseph Addai appropriately. The defense for most of the season couldn't stop my old high school team, which consisted of mostly undersized white Jewish kids. However, credit goes where credit is deserved and that belongs to head coach Tony Dungy.

When the playoffs began against Kansas city and then Baltimore, the offense played sub-par. The very bright spot was a defense that looked like the Chicago Bears. Yesterday it all came together. The offense was back and the defense came through when they needed too.

Congrats again to Tony Dungy, Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts. February 4Th will be a winning day for Chicago and Indy regardless of the game winner.

Go Bears!


Da Bears...Da Bears....Da Bears....Ditka....Da Bears...Da Bears....Payton.....Ditka....Da Bears!


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