Friday, October 13, 2006

Shabbat Shalom 21 Tishrei 5767

United Nothings Elect New Leader
Ban Ki-moon can't be any worse

South Korea's Ban Kim-moon has been elected the eighth secretary-general of the United Nations. His term begins at the start of next year and all I can say is ...thank God! Does this mean that the United Nations will become a force for good in the world or at least useful, not necessarily. However, I contend that the UN under Koffi Annan had become a corrupt entity and a bully pulpit for anti-American and anti-Israel voices.

Annan did the impossible taking an organization with limited respectability and anti-Semitic overtones to a body embedded with hate toward America and Jews. Ki-moon has already established a good relationship with Israel and the United States. He has even traveled to the Jewish State and has stated that Israel and South Korea share the same problem of existing in a region surrounded by enemies.

Ki-moon is no guarantee that the UN will become friendly to Israel or the United States, but it can't get any worse. Hope is a great thing and sometimes the only thing and with a new leader to soon take charge of the UN, hope is all we have.

North Korea Full of Sh*t

My mother hates when I make profane statements, but there is no other way to properly describe North Korea and their leader Kim Jong IL or as I affectionately call him, Psycho Puss Boy (PPB). A just released story by Associated Press claims air samples show no radioactive air particles, which would be present after a successful nuclear test. The story source does state this doesn't guarantee no test was successfully conducted, but it does raise greater doubt and that PPB may of used a simple earthquake in an attempt to trick the world into thinking he is a nuclear power.

If we have learned anything since the Clinton administration was "tricked" by North Korea, it is that anything PPB says should be taken with a grain of salt, but must still be investigated thoroughly. The notion of this lunatic having WMD's is a danger the world cannot allow to exist.

Simchat Torah

This week the holiday of Succot concludes with the joyous day of Simchat Torah. On Shabbat we will conclude the cycle of Torah readings for the year and begin again the never ending cycle of reading the Torah... continue from Jerusalem Post.

Weekends Sports Picks

Last week we did good going 2-2 staying even on the year. My upset game last week beat the spread, but if you took my outright winner you fell short.

College Saturday

Purdue finds themselves in Evanston as a 7 point favorite against Northwestern. Purdue is having an off year, but Northwestern would have trouble beating my old high school team. Purdue easily over Northwestern with the points, 34-13.

The number 1 ranked Buckeyes travel to Michigan State who has a big chip on their shoulder. After losing a heartbreaker to Notre Dame and being shamed by Illinois, they are still looking for respect. They will not defeat Ohio State, but as a 15.5 point underdog, I believe they will play well enough to cover the spread. Take MSU and the points, 31-21.

NFL Baby

The Bengals travel to Tampa Bay as a 5.5 point favorite. The Bucs for lack of a better word suck and are only less than a touchdown underdog because they are home. The Bengals will win and will do so giving the points, 24-10.

The Dolphins travel to New Jersey to take omn the Jets who are a 2 point favorite. Miami is a great disappointment will continue on that road. Take the Jets giving the points, 27-17.



At 10/16/2006 7:28 AM , Blogger Greenberg said...

You wrote:
"Ki-moon has already established a good relationship with Israel and the United States."

The substance of what you say seems more or less right...but Koreans, like some other Asian cultures, are called by a family name followed by a given name. So, Ban Ki-moon's LAST name is Ban and he is appropriately referred to in the short formal as "Ban," not as "Ki-moon."

At 10/16/2006 8:25 AM , Blogger Paulie said...

You are correct. I learned that over the weekend when I saw interviews with Ban.

Growing up in my neck of the woods there was and still is a large Korean population. As friends in school they all had Americanized names, usually David or John, so the benifits of learning about their culture was often lost.

Good correction.


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