Friday, September 29, 2006

Shabbat Shalom 7 Tishrei 5767

End of an Era?

This past Labor Day weekend a North Shore tradition came to an end when the Barnum and Bagel restaurant in Skokie had placed a sign in the window informing patrons they are closed. It is unknown if this closure is permanent, but smart money is on that the restaurant with the best cabbage soup and Chalah in all of Chicago has been reduced to a memory.

A tradition amongst the Jewish community of greater Chicago, friends and families often gathered there for Sunday morning Lox and Bagels, Friday evening Shabbat dinner and even for holiday meals from Passover Sedars to breaking the fast after Yom Kippur. News media in Chicago could always be found at B&B whenever they needed a reaction from the Jewish community. I recall a former colleague of mine, Jeff Flock of CNN, interviewing patrons their during the Gulf war and Sadam Hussein was shooting Scud Missiles at Israel.

In recent years the restaurant had gone through changes, including new owners, higher priced menu and the harsh reality that after 30 years of business, much of their clientele had moved farther north and past away. I used to joke with my wife and friends that when we entered the establishment, the average age dropped to 80.

For me B&B will always have a special place in my heart. I don't even know if my wife is aware, but I told my parents about her over cabbage soup and a pizza bagel. Years later I told them I was asking her to marry me over the same meal.

A decade earlier my family would often go there after one of my little league baseball games. I would be in my uniform covered with dirt and glass (bad fields back then), but nevertheless a quick wash of the hands and I was chowing on Chalah like it was the last loaf baked.

B&B will be missed by many in the Jewish community as well as the multitude of non-Jewish Chicagoans who enjoyed stacked corned beef sandwiches, matzo ball soup and other Jewish style cuisine. However, the great moments in our lives with family and friends spent at B&B will live on for decades.

Shalom Barnum and Bagel, I will never find a better bowl of cabbage soup or cole slaw as long as I live.

An Inconvenient Ass

Guess who made the following statement while campaigning for the Presidency in 1988, "Throughout most of my life, I raised tobacco. I want you to know that with my own hands, all of my life, I put it in the plant beds and transferred it. I've hoed it. I've dug in it. I've sprayed it, I've chopped it, I've shredded it, spiked it, put it in the barn and stripped it and sold it." If you guessed Jesse Helms, sorry that is incorrect. The correct answer is environmental crusader and political whore, former Vice President Al Gore.

I have said for over a decade that Al Gore is the worst human being ever to run for President in my life-time. If ever a man would sell his mother to become President, it's this guy. In 1984 Gore's sister died of lung cancer, he claims after that event his relationship with big tobacco changed. However, the above quote was four years later and the same month his sister died, he received a $1,000 speaking fee from U.S. Tobacco. In 1985, Gore voted against cigarette and tobacco tax increases three times and favored a bill allowing major cigarette makers to purchase discounted tobacco.

Last night Gore began spewing that cigarette smoking is a "significant" contributor to global warming. He made his case or lack there of to a group of UN diplomats and staff members. Gore used computer generated images of water rushing into San Francisco to scare his listeners. Afterwards his staff began opening cases of his latest book, available for $19.95.

As a cancer survivor, Gore disgusts me to no end. As an American I am ashamed of him. How much you ask...I rather have Hillary as President than that expletive...expletive.

Weekend Sports Picks

We had another good weekend last week, going 2-2 and the bonus game upset coming through when Green Bay beat Detroit straight up. To date we 5-3 for the season and 1-0 with the big upset pick.

NCAA Saturday

#1 Ohio State at #13 Iowa. The Buckeyes beat me last week, so this time it's personal. The Buckeyes are a 7 point favorite and I do believe they will win, but not cover the spread. Take Iowa and the 7 points, 24-21 final.

Wisconsin travels to my alma matter to take on Indiana in Bloomington. The Hoosiers suck and will be embarrassed by a sound Badger team. Wisconsin is an 11pt favorite and will win by at least 2 touchdowns. Take Wisconsin to cover the 11pts, 31-13 final.

NFL Sunday

The Bengals are a 6 point favorite over the Patriots, who have no one for Tom Brady to throw too. Look for Cincinnati to easily cover the 6 points over New England. 27-13 final.

Indianapolis finds themselves favored by 9 points as they travel to New York to take on the Jets. The Jets are a better team than anticipated at the seasons start, but the offense of the colts is unmatchable and expect WR Reggie Wayne to take out his anger over his brothers death on the New York secondary. The Colts cover the 9 points, 31-17 final.

Shabbat Shalom


blogger note: Tuesdays posting may be delayed due to Yom Kippur, check back Sunday for a possible posting before the Day of Atonement. Easy fast to all.


At 9/29/2006 12:13 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

tOSU will cover - blowout style.

Agreed on IU.

Cincinnati by 9.

Colts will cover, but Reggie Wayne will have a crappy day.

At 9/29/2006 3:27 PM , Blogger Paulie said...

"OSU will cover - blowou style", anonymous said. "Agreed on IU, Cincy by 9." HMMM I wonder which one of my friends wrote this one...Shanah Tova


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