Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tuesdays with Paulie 9/26/06

Tammy Comes Out

Finally...Finally...Finally 6th Congressional District Democratic candidate Tammy Duckworth showed up to the WBBM radio studios to debate her opponent, Republican State Senator Peter Roskam. The half-hour showdown aired this past Sunday night and to my surprise has received very little media coverage. The debate proved that these two candidates are rarely in the same ball park on issues. To Duckworth's credit she showed she is no dummy, but at the same time exposed her far left views. Roskam views show a man who is a proud conservative who wants to go to Washington to bring back fiscal discipline to the Republican Party.

Duckworth has recently been recently criticized for accepting a campaign donation from Rosie O'Donell who made headlines recently for comparing radical Christianity to radical Islam. Duckworth list of campaign contributions is a who's who of the Hollywood left from Barbara Streisand to Al Franken.

Overall the debate was necessary for Duckworth who has turned down seven previous debates. She claims she will debate Roskam three more times before the November election. We shall see.

Will the Real Bill Clinton Please Stand Up

Nobody knows the real Bill and Hillary more than former Clinton advisor Dick Morris. These days he is viewed as a turncoat by the Democratic first family for his books and political insight into the Clinton Presidency. After Clinton lost his cool with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, claiming he did more than the current administration to "kill" Osama Bin Laden, Morris debunks Clinton's account of how he went after Bin Laden and viewed the terrorist threat.

No President has ever been more concerned about their legacy than Bill Clinton. I believe the man lays awake at night worried that he will go down in history for the Monica Lewinsky scandal and in recent times he can see his incompetence as a military leader catching up to him. Even with his enormous ego I believe he genuinely cares for people and battles his own demons regarding 9/11. His foundation and humanitarian efforts especially with former President George H Bush have done tremendous things world-wide. Unfortunately for Clinton his legacy will be haunted by the one thing he has spent a life-time avoiding...the truth.

Dow Up, Gas Down

This past weekend the family and I drove down to Indianapolis and I was aroused by the low gas prices. When we left Illinois, $2.69 a gallon was average in my neck of the woods. When we crossed the border into the Hoosier state we instantly so a 40 cent decrease and the farther south we drove the better the prices. $2.16, $2.11, $2.05 and yes I saw it a $1.99 per gallon. It is still sad that I am excited about $2 a gallon gasoline, but after paying nearly $3.50 anything near the 2 dollar range is a relief. If ths continues expect a very good holiday shopping season unless the Dems take control of congress and the markets panic.

Speaking of markets, how about that Dow! Closed today at it's secong highest level ever. Unemployment at 4.8% the deficit declining at a faster than expected pace and home prices declining, which may lead to lower interest rates. Obviously home values declining is not good for home owners, but it sure is good for us soon to be buyers. HMMM, but the Democrats and the media wants you to believe the economy is in the toilet. The fact is that tax cuts work and bring in more revenue. When Clinton was President the bottom 50% of wage earners paid about 4.6% income taxes. Under Dubya they pay 3%. Don't tell me only the rich benefit. I don't make 6 figures and I have gone from owning $1400 a year to getting back $2000. That makes a big difference, especially when you have kids.



At 9/27/2006 9:58 AM , Anonymous Lou Stone said...


Is the cut in your tax bill really the result of the Republican's tax cuts so much as it is the result of the Mrs going to part time work and you adding a couple of exemptions? Did you change your withholdings at work?

An an example, using 2005 tax tables:
Married filing joint couple with $100k taxable income (60/40 husband-wife) w/ no children would have a tax bill of $18,324.

Now, if we reduce the Mrs to part time - their income is $80k and tax is $13,336.

Throw in a couple kids ($6400 additional exemptions) and it drops to $11736 on $74k taxable income). So, the kids alone are worth $800 apiece.

So, I would argue that its more likely that as the result of you taking the "Be fruitful and multiply" thing literally and the resultant changes (extra exemptions and p/t work by the Mrs) that are responsible for your "good fortune" more than any Republican tax cut.

At 9/28/2006 11:28 AM , Blogger goethean said...

If Roskam is such a "proud conservative", why does he have his kid claim on his latest TV ad that Roskam "talks a lot about protecting social security" --- when everyone knows Republicans are going to privatize it?


At 9/28/2006 11:52 AM , Blogger Paulie said...


Privatizing Social Security is saving it. The current system will go bankrupt unless you drastically raise taxes, which leftists such as yourself love to do.

The only thing bad about the current Privatization plans by the GOP is that it doesn't privatize enough of it.

The Galveston County plan has been in place since the early 80's and has been a great success. I'm sure you don't want to hear about success stories because God forbid people become self-reliant and not need to depend on big brother.

Read and learn something and stop listening to Air America and reading the NY Times.


At 9/28/2006 12:14 PM , Blogger Paulie said...


Sure my current family status has contributed greatly. A big part of that is due to the increase in the child credit and changes regarding the marriage penalty. Under the pre-tax reduction days, I still would of owed about $800 with one child, instead I receive a nice refund. That first year we did not see a income decrease due to my new gig and Shannon working FT most of that year.

At 9/28/2006 3:29 PM , Anonymous Lou Stone said...

Of course, you understand that getting a refund isn't anything to be proud of. You've given government your money in advance interest free.

The $2000 you got back this year could have netted you $90 at today's interest rates - lunch for two at Fogo de Chau!

At 9/28/2006 9:26 PM , Blogger Paulie said...

Excellent point my kosher brother.


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