Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday Morning Quarterback

Take a Chill Pill Bill

When President Bush gives and interview to George Stephanopoulos, Matt Lauer or Tim Russert, it's pretty obvious that the objective of the interviewer is to put the President in a corner with tough questions and see if he can explain or defend his way out. That is the job of a tough interviewer. Granted the above names are not exactly impartial, often having a liberal slant, regardless if you agree to an interview you better be prepared.

Former President Bill Clinton doesn't believe he should answer the tough questions. In fact it appears that he believes that there is a great media conspiracy to blame him for 9/11. Judge for yourself and watch his interview Sunday morning with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. Before Wallace is able to finish his question, Clinton is on the defensive accusing Wallace for carrying out a "conservative hit job." We can argue all day and night if Fox News has a conservative bias, but anyone who believes that Chris Wallace is not as good as they get when it comes to objectivity needs to put down the crack pipe.

Notice how Clinton always brings up Richard Clarke and his book as his measure of defense. Another book written by Lt. Colonel Robert Patterson, "Dereliction of Duty," gives a first hand account of Clinton as an incompetent military leader. From 1996-1998, Patterson was one of five men responsible for the "nuclear football"-the bag containing the codes for launching nuclear weapons. I saw Patterson speak 2 years ago and his stories about Clinton's lack of respect and disdain for the military and his military advisors was shameful.

Regardless of the two books and which one you believe or should I say want to believe, the interview with Wallace shows a man who has something to hide or at least is ashamed. The fact of the matter is that the questions Wallace asked were necessary if he was to appropriately do his job. The former President is a brilliant man and knows that, but he believes he is above approach and does not need to answer questions about his Presidency. However, if you can grab a few headlines and keep your name in the press...Why not.

Everyone's Jewish, including Senator George Allen
Allen's Democratic Opponent, Anti-Semite?

If you asked me who is the best columnist in America is, I would say without hesitation Charles Krauthammer. He validates my beliefs with another outstanding commentary that is very appropriate during the Jewish High Holy Days.

As mentioned in the Krauthammer article, it was recently revealed to Virginia Senator George Allen by his mother, she is Jewish. Allen's Jewish ancestry has been brought up as a possible component in his bid for re-election. His Democratic opponent, James Webb, has already been accused of anti-Semitism when he depicted his Jewish primary opponent in a cartoon featuring him with a hooked nose and money coming out of his clothes. This was not the first time Webb has been accused of anti-Semitism. This race, especially Democratic behavior will be one to watch.



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