Sunday, July 12, 2009

Liberal Jews and Self Destruction

Your brilliant blogger is handing the pages of Paulies Point to Abraham H. Miller or as my readers affectionately know him as, Uncle Abe. The pride and joy of the California Jewish community has just published two brilliant and controversial articles in Pajamas Media and American Thinker that will certainly anger many, especially those in the Jewish community who believe the Messiah has come and his name is Barack Obama.

I am also proud to announce that within the upcoming weeks, Abe and I will publish our first collaborative article. Also, your brilliant blogger has a small bit part in a soon to be released video on Health Care Rationing.

Right now it's time for some thought provoking reading...

Obama still polls high among American Jews,
despite his history-twisting and anti-Israel stand.
By Abraham H. Miller

The difference between radical Muslims and liberal American Jews is that the former seek to become martyrs, while the latter aspire to become victims. In an ironic twist of fate, radical Muslims and liberal American Jews were made for each other.

This ideological symbiosis is sufficient to give pause to the presence of intelligent design. But like all things that seem to emanate from a higher power, there is a paradoxical twist. It is not themselves that liberal American Jews want to sacrifice on the altar of victimhood; it is their Israeli brethren.

Continue reading at Pajamas Media

Rachel Corrie Meets Horst Wessel at SF's Jewish Film Festival
By Abraham H. Miller

Rachel Corrie was the naïve Marxist and International Solidarity Movement member who went into Gaza to put her body on the line to keep open tunnels that supplied suicide bombers with the means to kill Israeli civilians. Standing for hours in front of an Israeli military bulldozer that was demolishing these tunnels and the structures that led to them, Corrie fell into a dirt pile, unseen by the bulldozer driver, and was buried alive as he drove over it.

With some deceptive sequencing and distortion of photos, the ISM made it appear that the driver purposely drove over Corrie and crushed her. The Evergreen State University student subsequently took on the iconic status of a martyr. Her life, committed to facilitating the work of those who would take innocent lives, has become the source of poetry readings, an international play, and now, a documentary.

Continue Reading at American Thinker


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