Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Leftist icons demonstrate true colors

Leftist icons demonstrate true colors
Hollywood and Unions equal hypocrisy

If you were in Chicago this morning, you may have noticed camera crews surrounded by technical experts near the main train station (union station). With a large sign telling passersby’s that a movie was being filmed, I couldn’t help notice some disturbing irony.

The cameraman was undoubtedly filming background footage and the technical crew which had to number nearly a dozen did what union employees do in Chicago—nothing. Mind you this is nothing new in the city that doesn’t work. One of the reasons the film industry usually goes to Toronto to film movies taking place in Chicago is because a non-union employee is not allowed to put an electrical plug into an outlet without union supervision or a union employee doing the actual task. Considering the wages these guys receive, I assure you indicted former governor Rod Blagojevich believes he was in the wrong business. But I digress.

The irony I mentioned before my anti-union rant is that the two most notorious symbols of liberalism in America, Hollywood and Labor, did a fascinating job ignoring and interfering with the homeless people a few feet away from their filming.

Everyday about a half dozen homeless folks work a one block radius near the station due to the enormous foot traffic. This morning the camera-shoot distracted people from giving change and often some fruit or snack bars to these individuals.

While I can’t fault the movie set for doing their job, I found the fact that the director and a few of the workers were eating these enormous breakfast sandwiches literally 3-4 feet away from homeless veterans and elderly woman who are begging for change to be able to buy a bagel and coffee.

All I can think of is a sad reality that I have known my entire adult life. Bleeding heart liberals expect everyone else to bleed and make sacrifices, while they are content forcing their will on everyone else as they go on living a life of hypocrisy.



At 6/12/2009 7:22 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What?! Are you implying that if there were a Republican event being held there instead of a movie shoot, they would have thrown a picnic for the homeless people? This has nothing to do with Hollywood, or Unions, or Liberals, or Leftist icons distracting the would-be donations ... It's a fact of human nature. Did YOU stop to feed the homeless while you were observing this atrosity? You're commentary sounds more like it came from Sean Hannity than the Brillian Blogger. Shame on you.


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