Monday, March 23, 2009

Believing your own B.S.

A President or a Carly Simon song?
The never-ending Obama Presidential campaign

Last week I was sitting in a downtown Chicago pizza-joynt with two politically astute friends when to my amazement, President Obama and politics became the subject of conversation. After we finished uttering numerous four-letter words and inquired with each other if anyone had received their notice to report to a reeducation camp, I threw out the observation that our President continues to campaign instead of govern.

"You think, duh," was sarcastically stated by one of my lunch companions, while the other diner responded with "this is how he'll win in 2012 regardless of the economic conditions." Both remarks were appropriate and full of merit.

Watching President Obama on late night T.V. with Jay Leno was offensive, with or without the ignorant Special Olympics comment. At a time when my mother and sister are unemployed and the morale of the average American is lower than Keith Olbermann's ratings, I wish my President would stop selling failed ideas and go back to the drawing board.

Last week America learned that the President and his Party were responsible for allowing banks that received bailout funds to payout retention bonuses. The same guys bitching about big pay-outs to bank execs, put the provisions in the so-called stimulus bill, so these guys could get fat off government incompetence. Solid!

If you only watch the network news than you are unaware that our beloved Obamesiah decided to show military veterans how much he appreciates their service to America.

The administration came up with the brilliant idea that the men and women who have served our military should use private insurance to pay for treatment of combat and service-related injuries. Post traumatic stress, amputations, occupational therapy, you name it, Obama wants the same government who put these courageous Americans in harms way to not be responsible for their medical care. At least we know when the President says he holds our veterans in the highest regards, he really means holding up his middle-finger.

Come to think of it, maybe it was a good idea that our President appeared on Leno as well as 60 Minutes yesterday. If America has to learn what he is up to by objective sources, we may realize the rock star campaign atmosphere is over with and the "change" that was promised was for the worse.

Abraham Miller and Progressive Rabbi's
Uncle Abe explains Obama's anti-Israel policies

On March 9, Abraham Miller took on a class of people that very few, especially Jews, are willing to expose. I'm talking about Rabbi's that subscribe to Progressive thinking.

While most Progressive Rabbi's are still Zionists, their ideas fall under the category of suicidal. In the past I have criticized many Progressive Jews as being self-haters and do not apologize for my remarks. While it is important to understand that a Jew can be Progressive and not a self-hater, the end result of their thinking is still the same.

More dead Jews.

Check out
Progressive Rabbis: Be Still My Bleeding Heart and watch Uncle Abe discuss the subject as well as why the Obama administration is a threat to Israels very existence, on PajamasTV.

New look for Paulies Point

Paulies Point has scheduled an April 1 unveiling of our new website. Check back daily for new postings, but certainly check back next week for what should be a better Paulies Point.

Is it possible? You'll decide.



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