Thursday, March 05, 2009

Obama may make Carter look like Reagan

Hello again, but don't get excited
Fighting for open and honest government is time consuming

As I stated earlier this year, my blogging time would be greatly reduced for a while. But please don't fret, my time is being well spent as I fight for government transparency and accountability.

Unfortunately in Illinois there has been no such luck in bringing open and honest government to the people, as we have come to the realize that impeached governor Rod Blagojevich, may have been the most honest Democrat in the land of Lincoln.

Frightening thought, but as I wrote back on January 5, 2009, Blagojevich was left with no alternative than to appoint a senator because the Democratic controlled House and Senate refused to support a special election.

Two months later, controversy once again surrounds Sen. Roland Burris and Democrats jumped on the special-election bandwagon. But as we witnessed in January, Democrats jumped off the voter rights train, as they realized that the words "Senator Mark Kirk" may be spoken. In true machine politics form, they refused to allow the people of Illinois the right to have a say in their representation.

And to think that Governor Pat Quinn spent four decades fighting for voter rights. As they say, power corrupts and nobody describes that phrase better than our current governor.

Bailout Culture Threatens Freedom
There is no virtue or liberty in dependency
By Abraham H. Miller (Uncle Abe)

The consequences of the financial crisis are all around us: our friends who are unemployed, the “for sale” signs that sprout up like weeds in our neighborhood lawns and unlike weeds never seem to go away.

We think we have some idea of the costs of the financial crisis: the psychological anguish over job security, the declining retirement account, and the neighborhood buzz about falling property values.

There is yet another cost, one less obvious, one equally as threatening to our political system: the loss of civic virtue.

Paulie will return shortly. Stay Classy America, to bad your President isn't.


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