Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Show me your love for Liberty

Obama makes Bush look like Friedman
Stimulus bill written by idiots, to be signed by a moron

I'm done. I promised to give President Obama a chance and I believe I did. But when you advocate a stimulus plan that offers the taxpayer $13 a week to help them and their family deal with financial troubles and at the same time subsidize "green" golf carts with 300 million dollars, I can no longer stand by and bite my tongue.

I'm not sure what has angered me more. Is it the fact that in less than a month Obama has become everything I feared or that his fiscal incompetence makes me wish President Bush was back at the helm?

Watching our new President in action has not been the spiritual experience his worshipers promised. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid behave as rival siblings who are trying to buy their daddy's love. They will do anything, hurt anyone and satisfy their fathers backers (unions) at any cost.

Those paying for the sins of the father and his minions are millions of American families.

Sammies Awards entry deadline extended
Sam Adams Alliance contest honors and rewards freedom fighters

The excitement surrounding the Sammies Awards has drawn an overwhelming response. AM560 WIND Radio in Chicago has added their name to the event, celebrities want to be part of the awards ceremony and most importantly, champions of liberty and economic freedom are sending in their contest entries at a pace we can barely keep up.

That’s why the Sammies Awards entry deadline has been extended to March 20, 2009.

The Sammies were created to reward the hard and often unappreciated work of bloggers, filmmakers, open records champions and other government watchdogs committed to advancing freedom and economic liberty. Prize rewards range from $1,000 to $10,000.

For entry, specific details and last year’s winners, please visit the Sammies Home Page at Don’t forget to check out the Sammies Awards promotional video on You Tube.

If being recognized and rewarded for your hard work wasn’t enough, the Sam Adams Alliance is excited to announce that our red carpet awards dinner ceremony will be held on April 18th at the exquisite Marriott Renaissance Chicago North Shore Hotel. Winners will be flown to Chicago to receive their well-deserved honors.

Tickets for the gala event will go on sale February 17. Various attendance and sponsorship levels will be available so you can have a Sammies experience that will enhance your evening and fit your budget. Check out the Sammies Home Page at for purchasing details.

Because of activists just like you, the Sam Adam Alliance is having an impact on government accountability and transparency by utilizing new media tools. Please join the Sam Adams Alliance along with hundreds of freedom loving patriots, who are passionate about preserving freedom and economic liberty, at the Sammies Awards Dinner on the evening of April 18.

Please help us by spreading the word about the Sammies Awards and take advantage of the extended contest entry deadline.



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