Friday, January 09, 2009

When your greatest fears are realized

I hate to say I told you so, but...
Obama already legitimizing Hamas

When did I first sound the alarm bell? Early March of last year to be exact, with a friendly reminder in May. Barack Obama one way or another will pose a problem for the safety and security of Israel.

On Thursday evening one of the greatest fears Israel supporters and may I add the citizens of the Jewish State have was realized. The next President of the United States is going to legitimize an organization that's only purpose is to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. President-elect Obama is going to
establish relations with Hamas.

This news couldn't come at a worse time, or maybe the timing is perfect.

It is important that Israel knows for certain what they will have to contend with in an Obama administration. Without a doubt they are losing support in the UN with the
incompetent Susan Rice representing the United States. Add the recent Hamas revelation and Obama's silence over the Gaza war, Israel may have a clearer course of action to take.

Israel more than ever must destroy Hamas and take out Iran's nuclear capability. If the Olmert government fails to do the further, we can start calling
Benjamin Netanyahu Prime Minister.

That wouldn't be a bad thing. Not bad at all.

A desire to finish the job Hitler started

Anti-Israel rallies turn into undeniable hate fest

If there is any group that defines what is wrong with the Progressive movement it is undoubtedly the ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) Coalition. For a group that claims to be against war and bigotry, they are filled with hate. So much hate that some of their members wish the Holocaust would continue today and finish the job Hitler started.

It's amazing how far-left groups such as ANSWER and their friends at the Huffington Post and Daily Koz are silent when Hamas is shooting rockets at civilians in Southern Israel. However when Israel decides to defend their citizens and attack the terrorists, Israel is the aggressor.

A video you won't see on NBC or read about in the New York Times features an ANSWER Coalition rally in Ft. Lauderdale in which an woman dressed in Islamic garb starts
yelling at the Pro-Israel group across the street "go back to the oven," an obvious reference to the Nazi concentration camps.

Where is the outrage from the left-wing blogosphere or mainstream media? Only a few media outlets such as Fox News and the Drudge Report understood their professional obligation to report what can only be described as the real reason why groups such as ANSWER and many of their progressives are anti-Israel.
They hate Jews.



At 1/10/2009 5:49 AM , Blogger Jeff Morton said...

B'RESHEET 12:3 puts the entire ordeal into perspective. The events that are recorded in the biblical text, in virtually every book of the prophets is racing all of us towards the books conclusion. The events taking place are like clockwork. The question becomes, "How bad is the suffering of all of us going to be?" It is beyond amazing how everything about human history concludes and or at the very least, involve ISRAEL. HaMachiach come. ( (


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