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Paulies Back for 2009

Palestinian Suicide Part 2
Israel defending herself, Hamas killing it's people

Many of my readers have been surprised that I have been quiet during the recent developments in the Middle East. The fact of the matter is that there isn't anything to talk about. It's the same old song and dance.

Arabs hate Jews and only believe that a good Jew is a dead Jew. The Hamas controlled government in Gaza has once again ruthlessly attacked Israel, launching rockets and missiles into the Jewish State. Israel does not respond to these attacks, waits for the world to notice and hopes that worldwide condemnation will miraculously persuade the terrorist regime to stop.

As always, the world ignores the Kassam rockets falling in school yards and near apartment complexes in the southern part of Israel. Somehow the fact that these explosives aren't accurate and usually don't result in fatalities, means that Israel should ignore the attempted murder of her people.

When Israel realizes, again, that the world doesn't give a damn about their security, they take matters into their own hands. And like any government on planet earth would do when their citizens are being attacked by a foreign government or entity, they defend themselves with all means at their disposal.

Once again, most of the world condemns the Jewish State for defending herself with a disproportional response. Israel becomes the aggressor, even though they have no intention of occupying Gaza. The UN condemns them, ignores the previous attacks against Israel by Hamas and proposes damning resolutions against the Jewish State, which never mention halting attacks against Israel.

The truth of the matter is that Israel is doing what most governments want, but are unwilling to publicly admit. They need someone to be on the front lines against Islamic-militants, so why not the Jews. They are a perfect scapegoat, have been for thousands of years.

Europe and Asia ignored 9/11 as well as he London and Madrid bombings. They are deathly afraid of Islamic-fundamentalists who exist in the hundreds of thousands within their borders.

They fear reprisals if they publicly support Israel. But behind parliament doors, they hope Israel finishes Hamas off and can care less how many Palestinians die in the process.

Unfortunately for the people of Gaza, their own government wants to see high civilian casualties. The more dead children they can carry-out to show Christiane Amanpour and her fellow pro-Hamas lackies at CNN, the more money they can get from fearful governments and recruits for future suicide bombings.

As always President Bush understands the situation, knows that there isn't any moral equivalency as most liberals believe and tells the world that Israel has a right to defend her people. Sadly, I hate to say, President-elect Obama has been mute over the situation.

This broken record comment "There is one president at a time and we intend to respect that," is getting old very fast. While I understand it at times, the fact is that his silence just supports the fears many Israelis and her supporters in the United States have had ever since he started his campaign for the Presidency.

Hey Rahm Emanuel, tell your boss to get a set and make a statement.

In the meantime the Palestinians once again have a decision to make. Do you love your children more than you hate Jews?

War is over, if you want it. But as always you rather see your children die than let Jewish children live in peace with yours.

Hamas and Its Liberal Supporters are Responsible
Uncle Abe explains how the leftist mindset is to blame for the current crisis

Hamas cannot bomb Israel out of existence. Hamas has dropped ten thousand rockets on civilian targets in Sderot since 2001. Hamas' suicide bombers have killed hundreds of Israelis eating in restaurants, dancing in discos, and riding on buses. None of this has or will remotely achieve Hamas' avowed goal of destroying Israel.

On December 19, Hamas declared an end to a temporary and frequently breached truce with Israel and launched a major rocket attack on Sderot timed to coincide with the end of the school day. In response, Israel did what any nation state would be expected to do; it bombed Hamas' military targets in Gaza.

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