Thursday, December 25, 2008

Admiring President Bush at Christmas

President George W. Bush the Mensch
Agree or disagree with policy, his character is unquestionable

With less than a month remaining in his Presidency, I want to take a minute during the most wonderful time of the year and remind America why I greatly admire President Bush.

To be fair I must mention that there are numerous aspects of his Presidency that have disappointed me. I have been a tireless critic of his economic policies and the increase in the size of government that has taken place under his leadership. I am terribly disappointed that during his time in office, having GOP control of the legislative branch for six of those years, he never made a meaningful effort to implement real education and tax reform in the form of school choice and a flat or national sales tax system.

These missed opportunities to put in place free market solutions to some of our nations biggest problems, while at the same time behaving like a Democrat when it comes to the role of government in American life, will be the failures historians talk about fifty years from now.

What I also believe historians will talk about, despite what the MSNBC crowd thinks, is that President Bush was a man of extraordinary character who cared deeply about people.

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The meaning of Christmas and Hanukkah
Secularists and Atheists need to stop hating and start loving

Earlier this week I republished a post that originally appeared during the Holidays in 2006. Rarely do I ever rehash what I like to refer to as "classic commentary," but as a I sat down to write a posting about Hanukkah, I didn't believe I could say it any better than I did back during the early stages of Paulies Point.

Like many people of faith, I get discouraged this time of the year because the Holidays reveal a disturbing lack of knowledge most Jews and Christians possess about their religions. Don't get me wrong, I am not a Jewish scholar by any means. Which is why when I find myself to be the person in the room with the most knowledge, not just about my own faith, but understanding Christianity as well, I fear the secularists are winning.

The ACLU crowd has managed to turn the word "God" into a four-letter term. Atheists have successfully invaded holiday displays in public places for the sole-purpose of ridiculing believers. Children can no longer sing non-denominational holiday songs in school, winter-carnivals have been canceled.

I have a very simple response to thee hardcore leftists. Stop hating.

The founding-fathers did not intend for this country to be Godless. In fact just the opposite. They were men of deep faith and conviction, but those convictions meant religious freedom.

The government should never endorse one religion. With that in mind, America should celebrate the idea of religious freedom. Government buildings should never just have a Nativity scene or a Menorah, but having either in addition to permitting other displays with religious significance, should be celebrated.

I don't even have a problem with Atheists having a display about Winter Solstice. What I find repulsive is that they are using the opportunity not to celebrate a special day, but criticize the idea of religion. I don't believe any government facility would tolerate a Christian display damning Jews for not accepting Christ or any religious group denouncing Atheists or non-believers on public property. However when it comes to ripping Judeo/Christian values and ideas, it's open season.

What secularists fail to understand is that there is more to the Holiday season than religion. While I have criticized many Jews and Christians for being ignorant about their faith, I do believe most people regardless of religious beliefs utilize this time of year to celebrate the other important meaning, family.

My readers know that even though I am a proud Jew and that my wife converted to Judaism before we were married, her family celebrates Christmas. We gather with them every Christmas Eve to celebrate family and be reminded how blessed we are to have each other. On Christmas Day the family significance continues as my-side of the family will gather to continue celebrating Hanukkah and do what most Jews do on Christmas. Eat Chinese food.

The joke about Jews and Chinese food may be humorous, but the real laughter comes when the family is together to celebrate their love and blessings.

To be honest, I guess I just feel sorry for secularists. To not be able to enjoy the Holidays as I do and in some cases, filled with so much hatred for religion that they view this time of the year so negatively.

I also feel bad for Jews who are offended by well-wishes of "Merry Christmas" as well as Christians who believe you can only say those exact words. While I am not a particular fan of the meaningless void stemming from "Seasons Greetings," it's better than a Grinch approach to this time of year. "Happy Holidays" works better in my mind and this Jew welcomes a Merry Christmas anytime as I would hope you would enjoy a Happy Hanukkah from me.

Lets take a moment and agree about one thing. Regardless of faith or feelings about the Holidays, lets take a few moments and relish the gift of life.

Now go hug your children and tell them that you love them.

Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah



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