Monday, September 01, 2008

Prayers for the Gulf Coast

Showdown: Gustav vs. Jindal
New Governor has learned from past failures

As you read this edition of Paulies Point the city of New Orleans and many Gulf Shore communities have become ghost towns. By now hurricane Gustav has hit the Gulf Coast or is about to slam into the shoreline with the wrath of a category 3 or possibly 4 storm. While comparisons with Katrina have been made to the lead up of this storm, the difference this time around is that Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) understands that the government must be proactive in dealing with the potential threat, while his predecessor Kathleen Blanco (D), allowed her disdain for New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin to interfere with her ability to work with the city during Katrina. Jindal will not allow the mistakes of the past rear it's ugly face again.

On Saturday morning the state of Louisiana began evacuating citizens of New Orleans as well as other nearby Parishes that were decimated by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005.

Understanding the incompetence of government bureaucracy Gov. Jindal used his power to have the processing of evacuees break through the red tape, so not to delay evacuation efforts in what is a life and death situation. Apparently many shelters as well as transportation systems would not take evacuees until they were fully processed (identified).

"We said that's ridiculous," Jindal said. After "high-level intervention," those procedures were stopped. Evacuees were being processed either before they got on a bus or train, while they were traveling or after they arrived.

Jindal has displayed a tough side that is very uncharacteristic of the 37 year old Governor. "Law enforcement officials, "will not go door to door using force" to get residents to leave. Jindal warned, "If you choose to stay despite an evacuation order, you'll have limited resources. You can't call 911 and expect someone to help."

In other words; get out now, while you have the chance and the resources are being made available.

What you may also have noticed from this posting and all articles written about this in-progress natural disaster is that the state of Louisiana as well as the city of New Orleans under Mayor Ray Nagin are taking the bull by the horns without waiting for the federal government to intervene.

While it is true that FEMA has arrived to assist in the evacuation efforts and President Bush has made available all resources to the Gulf states, Gov. Jindal is displaying leadership that is rarely seen by elected officials. He also is working closely with Mayor Nagin, who himself deserves credit for learning from his own mistakes made in 2005, showing that a Democratic Mayor and Republican Governor can save lives when they work together.

To this day the media refuses to address the failures of former Governor Blanco who allowed her personal feelings to get in the way of saving lives. The media rather blame President Bush and federal government, who did make mistakes, but it was the incompetence of Blanco that was the true culprit of Katrina. Ever wonder why the other Gulf States, especially Mississippi didn't endure the same problems as New Orleans in 2005? Answer: A competent Governor (Haley Barbour) who was ready when the hurricanes struck.

Today that same Governor is keeping the people of Mississippi safe, while a different Governor, who has demonstrated a level of leadership and sound judgement desperately needed in Louisiana, will make sure that Gustav doesn't cause the same loss of life as Katrina.

God bless and protect the people of the Gulf states. May their leaders learn from the mistakes made during Katrina and Rita and use their new found wisdom to save lives.

Leftist hate and lies engulf the media

Two stories have recently surfaced that are so repulsive that even your brilliant blogger was shocked at how low Progressives would go to destroy a human being.

Bristol Palin is a 16 year-old high school student who was use to a limited spotlight being the daughter of Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin. However overnight she saw that shining light increase ten-fold as her mom became the Republican candidate for Vice President. While Bristol and her siblings knew that their family would receive national attention, nothing could prepare her for the left-wing smear campaign that unfolded.

This past April Gov. Palin gave birth to her 5Th child, Trig Paxson Van Palin. During her pregnancy Palin learned that her son had Downs Syndrome. While many would-be parents would have aborted the unborn child, she stood by her convictions and gave birth to her baby boy.

Such examples of character and moral clarity are hard to find on the left, so Progressives began a smear campaign to make the Veep choice appear as a liar and her teenage daughter look like a slut. The leftist mouthpiece the Daily Kos has published an article claiming that Trig is not Sarah's son, but actually belongs to her daughter Bristol.

The article is publishing photos of Gov. Palin during her pregnancy attempting to make the case that she doesn't look pregnant. However the photos show her in outfits that can easily hide a pregnant belly, especially for a woman who is in perfect shape. You can easily see that her face appears slightly fuller, indicating weight gain.

That same posting shows a family photo in which Bristol has what the article claims is a "baby bump" in a picture taken supposedly a month before the birth of Trig. Wrong! The photo in question was taken in March of 2006, but Trig was born in 2008. Miraculous pregnancy duration? I think not.

Also, if this absurd allegation had any merit. Don't you think that the Palin family, who would of had to have taken extraordinary measures to hide the pregnancy truth, would have a family photo taken? Come on. What the picture does show is a beautiful family that includes a stunning 16 year old girl who happens to not be a size 2.

Adding to the disturbing actions of the left is a blog post by radio talk-show and Fox News host Alan Colmes. On his blog "liberaland," who your brilliant blogger has proudly been a target of in the past, Colmes has the chutzpah to insinuate that Palin is at fault for her child's Downs Syndrome. "Did Palin Take Proper PreNatal Care?" is the title of Colmes post where even he sinks to a level that your brilliant blogger didn't think was possible.

Paulies Point demands that the Obama campaign and Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean denounce the Daily Kos for posting what can only be described as a horrific article. I also demand the same condemnation for Alan Colmes. I hope Mr. Colmes has the character to apologize to the Gov. Palin, her husband and their children , who are a beautiful family dealing with the joy of a new addition and the sadness of his illness.

70 pounds and counting
Paulie continues to slim down, forced to buy new clothes

Seven months to the day of my lapband surgery, your brilliant bloggers scale is registering a weight loss total of 70 pounds. At the same time my credit card bills show a spending increase due to my need to buy new clothes.

As the summer winds down it appears that my swimming regimen in addition to my change in eating habits has helped me continue a 10 pound per month weight loss pace. While it will not be possible to sustain such as pace for much longer, as well as not being in my best interest health wise, I am striving to reach the 100 pound mark by years end.

At the moment I am already a full 18 suit-coat sizes smaller than when I got married ten years ago this November. I am also a full eight inches smaller in the waist from when I had my surgery in February.

I will continue to update my readers on my weight loss mission as I believe it's important that people know that weight loss success stories do exist and that their is no shame in having some assistance through weight loss surgery, such as my lapband procedure.



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