Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Tuesdays with Paulie 9/2/08

V.P. candidate will be one 'hot' grandma
Bristol Palin pregnant and doing right by her baby

Yesterday I exposed the cruel lies published by the Daily Kos, who claimed that GOP Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin was not the mother of new born baby Trig Palin. The Kos article said that Palin was covering for her oldest daughter Bristol who they claimed was the actual mother of the Downs Syndrome child.

With these vicious lies circulating on the Internet as well as in the press, the Palin family decided to go public with a very personal matter. Bristol is in fact five months pregnant and will be having the baby as well as getting married. While it's always disappointing when a 17-year old gets pregnant, the fact is that we all make mistakes and it's how we deal with the unforeseen situation that determines if a wrong can be made right. With her family supporting her 100%, Bristol will be able to take what ignorant people call a tragedy and turn it into a true blessing.

The real story isn't that a 17-year old girl is pregnant or that her mother is striving to be the first woman Vice President. What we should be talking about is how a leftist rag published lies about a teenage girl, which forced her family to address these allegations. While it is true that her daughter is currently pregnant, she is not the mother of Trig and Gov. Palin did not engage in a cover-up to protect her family as the Daily Kos suggested.

What may be the most intriguing aspect of this story is that Sen. McCain knew that Bristol was pregnant. With that in mind he saw something in Gov. Palin that made him decide that she was still the best candidate for the job, knowing full well that Bristol's pregnancy would become an issue. Once again during his life, McCain stared at a problem head on instead of taking the easy road and running away.

While the pro-Obama media is hard at work digging up every potential negative they can find on Sarah Palin and her family, I am convinced more than ever that she will be a great Vice President. What we are learning about Palin is that her life is not perfect. Like regular Americans the Palin family struggles with their own demons and challenges. However it's how one deals with adversity that shows ones true character and ability to overcome difficult situations. The Palin family led by the Governor herself have set an example for all to follow.

Paulies Point would like to congratulate Gov. Palin and her husband on soon becoming grandparents and wish Bristol a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery of her first child. While the Godless family bashers on the far-left are telling you your life is over, the beautiful reality is that it's just beginning and will only get better.



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