Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Tuesdays with Paulie, day after edition

Hamas continues to teach hate
child puppet murder's President Bush

When my children wake-up in the morning they usually jump into bed with my wife and I, laughing and jumping until we awaken. My oldest son will immediately ask if can watch "my shows," which I always agree too just so I can catch another half-hour of sleep. When I hand him the remote control I have the utmost confidence that Nickelodeon, Noggin, PBS or whatever kids channel he selects, he and his little brother will receive some educational benefit. The farthest idea from my mind is Dora the Explorer picking up a knife and stabbing to death a world leader.

Parents in the civilized world don't have such a fear, but if you live in the Arab world and your children watch children programming on the Al-Aqsa channel, better known as Hamas TV, your kids are being taught to hate America, Israel, Christians and of course Jews.

In their most recent effort to turn children into hateful murderers, Hamas is airing a puppet show in which a young Muslim boy stabs President Bush to death and turns the White House into a Mosque.

During his murderous tirade, the puppet child makes statements about Bush and Zionist turning kids in orphans and he has led the children of murdered parents to Washington to take over the White House.

As Hamas uses children's programming to brainwash Arab youth into becoming future suicide bombers, I'm reminded of how the world turns a blind-eye away from these horrors, believing that Israel should negotiate with these monsters and must exercise restraint when defending themselves against terrorist attacks.

The world, especially Jews and all Americans, must take full notice of the terrorist education taking place amongst the Palestinians and the rest of the Arab world. Textbooks from Egypt to Saudi Arabia teach kids to hate the Infidels, while their governments who control the education material pretend to be America's allies in the war against terrorism.

Somewhere right now and Arab child is reading a book or watching a child's program that is teaching him or her that they should grow up to kill fellow human beings. These kids will never have a chance to grow up and prosper. Many of them will die as teenagers, blowing themselves up with the goal of killing innocent bystanders shopping in a market or murdering other children guilty of riding the bus to school.

Liberal thinking killing our kids
Violence used for political gain not student safety

Your brilliant blogger is angry. Once again another Chicago public school student is murdered and his death is being used by community leaders and politicians for political gain instead of saving lives.

20 kids of all ages, students at Chicago public schools have been murdered so far this year. The violence is always gang related, even though many of the victims are believed to have no gang affiliation. Crossfire, mistaken identity or punks trying to prove their worth are the reasons for the homicides. The victims are African American or Hispanic and usually come from single-parent households. The perpetrators always have the same background as their victim.

Yesterday Chicago teenagers rallied against school violence in front of the Thompson center downtown. The event brought out the usual suspects. Mayor Daley, Governor Blagojevich, Rev. Michael Pfleger and Chicago School CEO Arnie "useless" Duncan, all attended the rally as they always do. So why am I angry?

In an event that is suppose to bring awareness and stop violence against children, became another pro-gun control opportunity. Once again politicizing tragedy for an issue that has not a damn thing to do with the murdering of our children.

Gun laws do not protect people. Let me say that again. The more gun control a community has, the more violence that occurs. It's a fact, check it out, end of conversation.

Every time a child dies in Chicago, Rev. Pfleger organizes a rally demanding more gun control legislation. During his time in office Gov. Blagojevich is often at his side demanding the same laws be implemented. The reality is that none of these crimes are committed by a legally purchased firearm. The more laws on the books the bigger the black (illegal) market demand is created. These weapons used to commit these horrific acts were never purchased by John Q Public at Don's Gun store. Gun trafficking, just like drug dealing is a thriving industry run by street gangs. You can enact all the laws you want and it won't do a damn bit of good to save our kids.

When it comes to inner city violence the problems and solutions all begin in the same place, the home. Those who say that there are no advantages to a two-parent households and family values just need to look at the crime rate amongst single-parent households and births out of wedlock. Pro-family and dare I say having religious faith in your upbringing is the solution. Not this anti-family, leftist ideology that blames gun manufacturers and law-biding gun store owners for the strife of these communities.

I am so tired of these look good on the surface liberals, who want to place blame on everyone except the murderers and the anti-family upbringing that turned our children into ruthless killers. More laws aren't the answer, more family and God is.



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