Monday, March 17, 2008

Manic Monday or Panic Monday

Obama: It's about judgement stupid
From Rev. Wright and Tony Rezko to Zbigniew Brzezinski

One of the above individuals hates America. Another is as legitimate as a three-dollar bill and two of the individuals despise Israel and at least one is a vehement anti-Semite. Can you match the person with the behavior? If you read this blog or the blogosphere at all, chances are you have already figured it out. Regardless, the one common denominator these individuals have is a relationship with Sen. Barack Obama.

This past week a miracle occurred within the mainstream media. They actually decided that it was time to report the questionable relationships of Obama, which people such as your brilliant blogger have been doing for months. Furthermore it wasn't the pro-Israel crowd or those neocons, as Ron Paul likes to call us showing concerns about Obama, it was media outlets such as ABC News and the Chicago Tribune addressing the anti-America antics of his spiritual advisor and the money trail left by an influential political insider.

Obama began feeling the heat last week and knew he had to throw water on the flames. Friday morning he met with over three dozen Chicago Tribune journalists for over 90 minutes. During the Q&A session he admittted that indicted political fundraiser Tony Rezko, had raised more money for him then previously believed. The Chicago Tribune editorial board stated that Obama gave them "plausible explanation for the presence of now-indicted businessman Tony Rezko in his personal and political lives." However the article often at times seems to be a never-ending list of "lapse of judgment," by the candidate for President.

Present at the interview was columnist John Kass, who has used his bully pulpit to rail against corruption as well as government incompetence on behalf of the taxpayers for decades. Kass dedicated his Sunday column to the interview in which he admits that he does not agree with Obama's policies, but likes him personally and during the interview, "almost liked his answers. Almost."

Unfortunately for Obama, Rezko may be the least of his worries. Once again entering the room is his 800 pound gorilla, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

"Not God Bless America, God Damn America." These words began echoing Thursday night when ABC reporter investigative journalist Brian Ross uncovered the anti-America and blame America rhetoric of Rev. Wright. Besides the above comment, Wright also blamed the United States government for 9/11 as well as the AIDS epidemic.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Wright is not playing with a full deck, a few sandwiches short of a picnic, took the short-bus to school or whatever nice phrase you want to use for crazy. We all can remember watching a nutty wannabe preacher shouting at the top of his lungs on a street corner or in a popular public spot on a college campus. They at times provided great entertainment or a reason to skip class. However none of them are a trusted advisor to a sitting U.S. senator and presidential front runner for a major political Party.

Obama can repudiate the hate and conspiracy rhetoric all he wants. If he was white and belonged to a church that spewed the same anti-America hate as well as the same bigotry as Wright has for thirty years, he would not only been eliminated from the presidential race, he would have resigned his senate seat. That is an indisputable fact.

The core problem in your brilliant blogger's opinion is a history of terrible judgement. Obama praises his church and Wright's community outreach as well as their commitment to Africa. I'm sure they have done good work. However so has Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. It doesn't mean that Farrakhan still isn't an anti-Semitic, anti-America homophobe. Would you want your President calling Farrakhan his spiritual adviser? I didn't think so and there is no difference whatsoever regarding Wright and Obama.

I believe Obama when he disavows his preacher's hate speech. However I also know that as for myself and most people who believe in Judaism or Christianity, they wouldn't be caught dead in a house of worship that spewed hate. Obama doesn't feel that way.

It's about judgement stupid.

The most wonderful time of the year
March Madness, Baseball & Purim...Oh My!

The third Sunday in March is always a special day. Usually Spring is in the air, but that is not the case this season, since it's still winter-like in the Chicago area. Thank you Al Gore, where is my global warming when I need it? I digress. I'm of course talking about college basketball, tournament time better known as March Madness.

Yesterday the NCAA announced the 65 team tournament bracket. The mayhem begins Tuesday night when Coppin State plays Mount St. Mary's. The winner gets the honor of the 64th and final bracket slot and to have the sh*t beat out of them by North Carolina Friday afternoon.

Unlike last year, I do not expect this tournament to have the upsets that we saw the previous year. I expect three of the number one seeds to make it to the final four with the exception being Kansas losing to Wisconsin, who I predict as the tournament winner. That will be viewed as a shocker.

My Indiana Hoosiers have spent the past month trying to play worse and worse each week. They will be a first round exit as will USC, Gonzaga, Drake and my big upsets, Temple over Michigan State and Baylor defeating Purdue. The Big Ten will stink up the joint this year with the one exception being the Badgers of Wisconsin.

Watching Wisconsin this season is a basketball fans delight. They play the game with a unselfishness and fundamentally sound manner that is reminiscent of some of the Bobby Knight championship teams with Indiana. Regardless of who makes it to the final four, expect your brilliant blogger to be spending an abundance of time on the couch and in a sports bar.

Just as the elite eight remaining teams in college basketball are fighting it out to make the final four, opening day will take place at baseball stadiums across America.

Chicago Cubs fans will certainly have their hearts broken as their team plays well, makes the playoffs and goes down in the first series. My White Sox are hard to predict right now. They have a sound offense and strong relief pitching core, but their fate will be determined by a starting pitching rotation that has two strong pitchers and a big question mark.

As far as the rest of the league, who cares.

Check back with me later this week when the Jewish Holiday of Purim begins. I have a recipe for homentashn that will make you proud to burn Haman in effigy.

Mazel Tov to the Right Wing Conspiracy
You've made it when the Kos rips you a new one

Nobody defends Barack Obama and hates conservatism more than the Daily Kos. The Marxist blog recently attacked those evil Republican bloggers who have raised legitimate questions regarding Obama and is relationship with Rev. Wright as well as his anti-Israel foreign policy team.

At the heart of their disdain is The American Thinker. The online publication, which has published your brilliant blogger numerous times, features an intellectual and deeply researched perspective on current events with a strong emphasis on politics and national security.

A leftist blogger named Troutfishing cites an article in the Nation magazine that goes after those horrible individuals that dare to raise any concerns regarding Barack "the Messiah" Obama. American Thinker News Editor Ed Lasky and Chief Political Correspondent Richard Baehr are the centerpiece of the Progressive hit-job and that is why Paulies Point would like to extend a heartfelt congratulations to Ed and Richard for being bashed by the Kos. A True honor indeed.

"I have arrived, I guess. I am attacked by the far left wing Daily Kos website (as is Ed Lasky , of course) for three crimes- my activity in AIPAC, my activity with the RJC, and my friendship with Ed. I confess to guilt for all the crimes. My punishment is that I must read the Daily Kos web site each day for a month," said Baehr in an email.

Reading the Kos for a month is no doubt a severe punishment. But worth it in this case. I only hope that one day your brilliant blogger can proudly claim that I have been torn a new one by the same Progressive Marxist rag.

Can a man dream!



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