Friday, March 14, 2008

Shabbat Shalom 7 Adar II 5768

Paulies Self-Promotion
Recent publishing making the rounds

Please humor me for a few moments and permit me to pat myself on the back. My recent article, Will American Jews bite the hand that feeds them, was also published in The Conservative Voice, under a different title. Unfortunately writers don't always have control of the changes made by editors once an article is submitted. They also don't control what other Internet magazines/newspapers do when they decide to pick up published material to place in their publication.

To clarify, I am not angry or upset in any manner whatsoever at publications that reprint my articles or make minor changes upon accepting a submission. I did not agree with The Conservative Voice new title, Which Candidate Is Pro-Israel?, but I was still appreciative that they deemed my work worthy of publishing.

I have received constructive criticism regarding the original title and in hindsight I wish I went with the title issued by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency and Republican Jewish Coalition who recently linked the article. What would Grandma Ida do? That is a great title and one your brilliant blogger wishes he thought of.

A special thanks to Ethel C. Fenig for notifying your brilliant blogger about JTA linking the article. I am always honored when my work is recognized by great publications and political organizations. This time around I am most pleased knowing that nearly twenty years after her passing, Grandma Ida is alive and well in a very unique capacity.

If you ask my father and uncle they'll tell you she's still driving people crazy. This time it's liberals who can't face reality. Thank you Grandma Ida, I miss you.

McCain's Support and Solidarity with Israel
GOP nominee travels to Israel this upcoming week

As Jews all over the world prepare for the holiday of Purim, the Jewish state of Israel is also preparing for a special visitor. GOP presidential nominee John McCain is headed to the Holy land with a special entourage that includes Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-CT) and Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC).

Just over one week after a Palestinian terrorist murdered eight students at a Jerusalem rabbinical seminary, McCain is showing his support and solidarity with the Jewish people by traveling to Israel during a time of heightened security and rockets attacks continue.

Sadly some in the Jewish community have already accused McCain of politicizing his trip. Ira Forman of the National Jewish Democratic Council said the Israel visit would be viewed as overtly political. "They are certainly not going there for policy reasons," said Forman. "Joe is an asset to John McCain, but at the margins. He's not going to take a lot of votes away from the Democrats."

Your brilliant blogger does not deny that politics has something to do with the trip. However, McCain can go anytime, but has chosen now a very crucial and dangerous time in the Jewish states history. If he wanted to make this a purely political trip, McCain would be better off going sometime after Labor day when people will be paying closer attention and he can garner greater political points.

McCain's upcoming trip to Israel should serve as a reminder to the Jewish community that at a time when the President of Iran promises a second Holocaust, anti-Semitism in Europe is at pre-WWII levels and some political leaders in the United States and world-wide view Hamas as a legitimate partner for peace, it is crucial that the United States elect a President that will stand with Israel.

Considering the fact that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama won't even acknowledge that a war against Islamic-extremism exists and they want the United States to be more like Europe, supporting McCain is a no-brainer for the Jewish community.

Most Jews will not support a Republican regardless who the nominee is or for that matter the Democratic candidate. They simply support the name with the "D" next to it. This is a fact about American politics and the Jewish community. Thankfully most Republicans including McCain are staunch supporters of the Jewish state regardless of the voting habits of most Jews. This only proves that for honorable men such as McCain, it's not just about politics, it's about doing the right thing.

Thank you senator. Have a safe trip.



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