Friday, March 21, 2008

Shabbat Shalom 14 Adar II 5768

McCain sits down with the Jerusalem Post
GOP nominee candid about Israel, Iran and PA

In 2004 President Bush received just shy of 28% of the Jewish vote. What seems like a low number was actually considered very strong for a GOP President. The three previous elections saw the Republican candidate for President get between 11-19 percent. Even though Jews still overwhelmingly vote Democrat, Republicans have remained staunch supporters of the state of Israel. While Democratic support for Israel overall remains strong, it has undoubtedly dwindled over the past two decades.

Showing his own steadfast commitment to Israel, GOP Presidential nominee John McCain visited the Holy land this past week, accompanied by senator Joe Lieberman (D-CT). During his trip, he sat down with the Jerusalem Post and gave a very "straight forward" interview, answering various questions in a unique least for a politician.

When reading the interview it is obvious that McCain's support for Israel is genuine. He unlike his potential Democratic counterparts understand the danger posed toward Israel as well as the United States from "radical Islamic extremism." Sadly Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are unable to utter those words together, refusing to recognize that a war exists against these enemies of humanity.

What I appreciated most from the interview was McCain's admittance that he did not have all the answers. When asked questions regarding settlements, he obviously felt they were counterproductive, but he understands that closing settlements is "a tough decision." "My job is not to make a decision as to whether the settlements should be expanded or not," McCain said. " My job, I think, is to try to create conditions that would lead to negotiations and a settlement grounded on the belief that it is not just [about] my commitment to the state of Israel."

Most impressive from your brilliant bloggers point of view was his candor regarding Hamas. Asked if Israel should "engage in talks" with the terrorist group/government, McCain responded with, "I don't think so. But let me say this. I don't think I am the person to make that decision. That is the decision of a freely elected democratic government," he said. McCain added, "My personal feeling is that no [Israel should not talk to Hamas], because someone is going to have to answer me the question of how you are going to negotiate with an organization that is dedicated to your extinction. That is my personal view. But I am not going to tell the government of Israel, which may see an opportunity, [what to do]. But I don't see it myself. "

As I have said before, I don't question Clinton's support for Israel and Obama has a positive voting record, but a horrific foreign policy team. Both candidates have a frighteningly naive point of view regarding the threats against Israel as well as the United States. McCain on the other hand, "gets it." He understands the threats posed by Islamofascism and the Neville Chamberlain approach to the terrorists and the regimes that sponsor them is simply a suicide-pact.

I am not going to tell you who to vote for, but come November don't be a drone and simply cast a vote for the name with the "D" or the "R" next to it. Educate yourself, learn about the candidates and their positions. Understand their solutions to the woes facing this country. Hopefully your candidate will have ideas not just speeches surrounded by hype with no substance.

A heartfelt message for Al Gore
First day of Spring and a blizzard hits the Midwest

Hey Al, where's my global warming? After experiencing one of the snowiest winter's in recent memory as well as the coldest February in my lifetime, Spring finally arrives and 6-11 inches of snow is falling on Chicago. So I repeat, where is my global warming?

I know you have spent your entire adult-life being wrong about everything. Oh wait, in 1992 you said Iraq was sponsoring terrorism and seeking weapons of mass destruction. You were right then, I stand corrected. However, before as well as since, you undoubtedly know so little about so much. Today you are the poster-child for the Global Warming movement, yet scientists all over the world have debunked everything you have frightened the world about. In fact today the evidence points to the opposite of your fear-mongering, Global-Cooling is developing on our planet.

So I asked again. As the snow falls outside on this first day of Spring and my sinuses and ears fill up with mucus, where is the overwhelming warmth destroying the planet? Why were my testicles frozen to my leg this morning when I went outside?

Dammit Al, don't shy away you self-absorbed ignoramus. You may be a legend in your own mind and to the far-left lunatics who worship you, but I know the truth, you know the truth. You just want to matter and climate fear is a way for you to matter. Oh, I don't doubt you believe your own B.S. to an extent, but it's obvious as I make my wife shovel our driveway, you are wrong. What else is new.

Hamantaschen Recipe Gone
Wife threw it out, marriage headed to court

A few days ago I promised to post my not yet world famous recipe for Hamantaschen. Unfortunately it is missing. It was hanging on my refrigerator, but now it is gone. I am blaming my wife, better known as Mrs. Brilliant Blogger, for throwing my recipe in the trash.

I do have means of getting it, but it will take time and in the process many good people may be hurt or worse. Nevertheless good Hamantaschen is worth the countless lives lost in search of the perfect Jewish cookie.

I leave you on this Purim Holiday with a promise of a great, yet simple recipe for Hamantaschen. In the words of my mother as she would see me grab another sweet treat during our Purim celebration, "put back the Hamantash you fat bastard."

Happy Purim and Good Friday.



At 3/23/2008 11:12 AM , Blogger Mrs. Brilliant Blogger said...

Before a person assumes something has been thrown away, don't ya think maybe you should ask where it is. Check the drawer by the fridge you schmuck.


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