Monday, January 07, 2008

The Great American Lie "Change"

It's always about "change", so please shut up!
Change in politics is synonymous with bullsh*t

"We always wish for money, we always wish for things, we think we have the answer, some things ain't never gonna change. It doesn't matter who you are, it's all the same, what's in your heart will never change."

I never thought lyrics from 70's/80's rock sensation John Waite would ever relate to American politics. However after hearing for nearly a week the word "change" used by every political candidate under the sun and the media granting Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee the status of candidates of "change," I listened to the early 80's classic "Change" and realized that it describes many of today's Presidential candidates. I will let you decide for yourself in what regard.

I would like someone to explain to me why Barack Obama, more than John Edwards or Hillary Clinton is the candidate for change? Obama comes from the Cook County Democratic Party, which has managed the Status Quo in Chicago since the 1950's. His campaign manager David Axelrod, who I greatly admire, has been one of the most respected and in-demand political minds in the country since he got a small town congressman named Paul Simon elected to the U.S. Senate in 1984. Obama is also linked to recently indicted Democratic advisor and fundraiser Antoin "Tony" Rezko. That makes him more of an insider in Illinois politics than most elected officials.

Obama offers no fresh ideas, not a one. He wants to raise taxes, socialize health care and withdrawal from Iraq. When I last checked, that was the same position of Clinton and Edwards. Would he be the first African American President? Yes. Would he be considered a young President? Yes. Now if that means change to you then so be it. Does he offer a deeper intellectual outlook than Edwards or Clinton to the issues of the day? Not even close. That's were both John and Hillary undeniably beat him.

Does this mean Clinton or Edwards are the candidates of change? If by using the word change you mean bullsh*t, then sure. Fact is that the Democratic Party has not had a new idea since I was born nearly forty years ago. They want to raise taxes, deplete the military, regulate business, punish the wealthy and socialize medicine. Listen to the candidates today, listen to Walter Mondale in 1984 and George McGovern in 1972. Same "change", different decade.

GOP not off the hook

Were you going Elephant man, your not much better. The Republicans have been talking about change since the days of Ronald Reagan. Unfortunately once they get into office they tend to forget about the change they campaigned on. I give the GOP kudos on lowering taxes. However, where is my school and social security choice? What about decreasing the size of government and fiscal discipline. How about term limits and medical savings account? So much for change.

For my friends in the GOP who prioritize social issues over fiscal matters, let me clue you in. After Eight years of Reagan, four years of Bush (41) and eight years of the current President Bush, is Roe v. Wade still the law of the land? That's right.

Democrats wants more money so they can promise the public more programs, they think they have the answer which is more taxation and spending. Some things ain't never gonna "change."

Republicans talk about less taxes and fiscal responsibility and ultimately granting the people more control of their lives. Too often the reality is different once elected. Some things ain't never gonna "change."

To his credit, the candidate I am still supporting, Rudy Giuliani said it best over the weekend.
"I know there's a lot of talk about change and change is a good thing; if you don't change you kind of step back, but there's change that's good and there's change that's bad."

Did you hear the news? We lost
American Al-Qaeda dude claims America defeated

This story broke my heart when I first read it. American Al-Qaeda spokesman and former California surfer dude Adam "Skippy" Gadahn claimed in the latest terrorist group video, that America was defeated. Talk about depressing news.

I went outside to surrender myself because I am a Jew, so why delay the inevitable. However nobody was there to convert me to Islam or execute me. The next thing I heard was my wife yelling to me outside, "the kids want breakfast from Burger King." I was waiting for death and now I'm driving to the Home of the Whopper. I was confused.

I turned on the radio to hear the news reports, hopeful that I would understand the announcers, since I was sure everything would be broadcast in Arabic. To my surprise the radio broadcasters were discussing the NFL playoff games scheduled for later today. This had to be a mistake I thought.

I pulled up to the BK drive-thru and this time I was right. I was unable to understand a word the clerk was saying. But she wasn't speaking Arabic, I was familiar with this language and dialect. It was Spanish. Thank God, an American.

I drove home, pulled into the garage, contemplating how I could get my family to Canada or Israel. I opened the door and was greeted lovingly by my children and my wife who said, "what took you so long you fat bastard." It was good to be home.

My children were watching Spongebob Squarepants on Nickelodeon, my wife was watching some man-hating show on Lifetime and I went back on the Internet and began searching for the demise of America. With the exception of excerpts from Saturday night's Democratic debate on Youtube, there was no mention of a fallen nation in the hands of Al-Qaeda. I was relieved to say the least.

I'm not sure what Skippy Gadahn was talking about. He was also spewing hate regarding the President's upcoming trip to Israel and the Middle East. Telling Muslims to greet President Bush with "bombs and booby-trapped vehicles." What I don't understand is how can the President travel to Israel if America has been defeated? You'd think travel to the Jewish State would be restricted.

I think Gadahn and his Al-Qaeda buds may have been passing the bong pipe a bit too much before making their recent video. To his credit his film has been seen by more people then any of the anti-American films coming out of Hollywood in recent years. Good for you Skippy. Goals are important even if the bar is as low as a Hollywood movie.

Unfortunately for you and your future residents of Hell colleagues. We are still free in America. That means my children get to learn and practice Judaism, Christians can go to church on Sunday, woman have the same rights as men and homosexuals aren't tortured and executed. I know that saddens you, but I'm sure you can tune in Dr. Phil in whatever cave your rotting in and get some professional help courtesy of American T.V.



At 1/07/2008 11:46 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Exit polling from caucus-goers in Iowa showed that a large per cent said they wanted "change". The next day every single candidate used the word in every other sentence. This is an extremely pathetic circumstance which no one in the media seemed to notice.


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