Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas Edition

With Christmas Day soon upon us, I know how busy you are, so you don't have time to read a long-worded Blog, no matter how brilliant the writing is. Christians are getting ready for church and the arrival of Santa Claus, while Jews are planning on family gatherings that will include celebrating Hanukkah after the fact, eating Chinese food and going to the movies.

Everyone have a Merry Christmas and a safe and healthy holiday season.

A few quick observations:

Did Mike Huckabee and his campaign not plan the cross appearance from a book-shelf in his Merry Christmas commercial? Of course he did. He knows it, everyone knows it, it's so blatantly obvious. However, who cares. He is a Christian wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, who cares if he has a cross in the background. I sent out my holiday cards to plenty of non-Jews and each card has a Star of David on the back. Did I not know it's there? Of course I did, my wife and I have been doing it that way for nearly ten years. The only problem I see is Huckabee not admitting it.

Was Israel and the Olmert government justified in refusing to talk with Hamas about a cease fire? Damn straight they were. Cease fire in Arabic means: take time to regroup and obtain more and deadlier weapons for future terrorist attacks. If Hamas wants a cease fire that means they are hurting. Israel should step up attacks and cut the head off the terrorist monster. Take advantage of them being weakened. Happy Hanukkah!

Hillary Clinton told a New Hampshire crowd that oil prices will instantly go down if they elect her as President. Will someone take away the crack-pipe from Chelsea's mom.

At 1:30 Sunday morning the temperature in Chicago was 50 degrees. At 11:30AM it was 16 degrees with 35 mile an hour winds. Can I get a WTF! No wonder I haven't been to shake the same cold I had on Thanksgiving.

Ann Coulter's perfect Christmas. White Straight Christians only or Jews that have become perfected.

The Patriots will loose in the playoffs. Mark my words.

Santa Claus is real. He or she wears the uniform of American servicemen defending freedom around the world and at home. They give us the gift of liberty and security. Without them we could not celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah. Thank you for protecting my family and I, you are Santa Claus because you give everyone the greatest gift of all...Freedom.



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