Thursday, December 27, 2007

Deciphering Fact from Fiction

Bush's Very Good Year
Kudlow article a must read

Was your brilliant blogger too hard on the President this year? Maybe. It's no secret that I have had my disagreements with the President and have been disappointed with him on so many levels. Maybe I need to lighten up on my criticism?

After all he invited my entire family to the White House and entertained us in the Oval Office. His tax-cuts undoubtedly played a pivotal role in my purchase of our first home. He still sends me a lovely Holiday card every year. We still haven't been attacked since 9/11 and I must confess that I get so much enjoyment watching him make Progressives so angry.

Regardless of my likes and dislikes regarding President Bush, Lawrence Kudlow of CNBC has an excellent column that is a must read for everyone, especially those who are trying to figure out our current economic conditions and have been disappointed in GOP spending. Find out why this fiscally conservative free market guru believes Bush had a great 2007. click here

Lost on the Radio
Cisco Cotto what are you thinking

For those of you in the Chicago area, you are probably familiar with News-Talk 560 WIND. For about two years WIND has undoubtedly had the best talk-show programs available in the Windy City. Their rush-hour drive program features two Chicago radio veterans, Big John Howell and Cisco Cotto. As a team these two are very informative, stimulating and entertaining. However Wednesday morning Cisco Cotto was solo and he asked a question that bothered me.

During his program he asked his audience if they felt depressed or guilty about the retail stores complaining that this holiday shopping season spending figures may be disappointing? This question struck a nerve in me. For starters, what in world would make you think that anyone would actually take shopping figures personal? Who in their right mind or even semi-sane mind would let the fact that their was only a 3% increase in spending when 6-8% was the retail industries goal bother them? The fact that Cotto thought this was a topic for conversation blew me away.

Don't get me wrong, I like Cotto and his show with Howell. I think WIND is awesome, especially when they added Dennis Miller. But for the love of God, why would you think anyone could feel upset with themselves because of the economic figures retailers are showing.

I continued listeningto his program with the hope he would take the question down a different path or realize his mistake and abort the topic. No such luck. I turned his show off and put in a CD. If anyone did call his show and said that they felt saddened or guilty in any way, please seek professional help immediately. If for some reason you are sane and were upset, I'm glad that your life is so perfect that you have nothing to worry about except if Wal-Mart grossed 2 billion or 2.1 billion dollars this past holiday season.



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