Friday, July 27, 2007

Shabbat Shalom 12 Av 5767

Blagojevich vs. Madigan: The never-ending battle
Bigger Government, More Taxes, No Accountability

Paulies Point sources recently revealed to me that Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich is counting on a Democrat to win the White House in 2008, so he can obtain a cabinet post. Why a man who has federal investigators looking into every aspect of his political life with a microscope and has become the poster-child for corruption thinks he will be an attractive cabinet member for any President, boggles the mind. However, when your ego is so big that you can't live in the Governors mansion, your sense of reality is tainted.

Today marks the 55Th day that the state of Illinois is without a budget. Even though the GOP continues to fight tax and spending increases, the governor's problems stem from his own Party. House Speaker Michael Madigan recently referred to Blagojevich's health-care plan as a "failure," and informed his fellow Democrats in a closed door meeting that if a budget isn't passed, 4,900 state workers would miss a paycheck on Aug. 9. That number will increase to over 62,00 because the state must send out significant dollars that school systems throughout Illinois need to open on time and pay teachers.

Not all hope is lost for Blagojevich and the Democrats. They just increased the state cigarette tax an additional 75 cents a pack, which they say will go to schools and roads. Wait! I thought the money for the state pension fund that was never appropriated was going to save our schools and roads? Or was that the increased tollway fees for motorists who didn't use the I-Pass system, which includes most out-of-state trucks and cars. I'm sorry, I remember now, it was both.

What I can't understand Mr. Governor, is why would you turn to tobacco sales to save our schools, but a week earlier outlaw the use of tobacco in every public facility in the state? I do recall that private nursing home rooms were exempt from the new law, so I guess you believe that a 90 year old with emphysema and lung cancer will light up enough to educate my children.

As Blagojevich continues to look like Krusty the Clown of politics, his arch-rival, House Speaker Madigan is already printing "Madigan for Governor" signs for his daughter. Between his father-in-law Chicago Alderman Dick Mell despising every bone in his body and his own Party leadership angling against him, Blagojevich has as many friends as a convicted child molester at a PTA meeting.

Wait a minute, that is not entirely true. Senate President Emil "No Habla English" Jones, has played the role of Blagojevich's bitch since he decided not to live in the Governors mansion. Jones kisses Blago's ass because he appreciates the Governors desire to tax-businesses, increase fees and spend more money on social programs. Whenever you can stick it to the middle-class, Jones is a happy camper.

Ironically, if Senator Barack Obama was to become President, I can easily see Blago getting a cabinet post. After all, he did position the Illinois primary date to increase his chances.

When did 75k a year become wealthy?
According to Speaker Madigan and Mayor Daley it is

Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan and Chicago Mayor Richard Daley have made a back room deal. I know your shocked that such a thing would happen in politics, but it does. Until recently Daley was against lifting the 7% property tax cap implemented 3 years ago. However, it is believed that Madigan promised Daley help regarding other Chicago issues in exchanfe for his support to lift the cap.

49 of 50 Chicago Alderman have signed a petition against the Madigan/Daley proposal. The concern is that homeowners would see an increase of property taxes of 40% over three years, forcing many homeowners to move. Madigan claims rich people don't need tax relief, but he claims a family making 75k is rich.

Wait a minute. My household income is over 75k and I reside in a 2 bedroom apartment with my wife and two kids. I just enrolled my oldest in public pre-school even though I wish to send him to a private religious institution. So how am I rich again?

Madigan tax increase exempts people who have owned their homes for at least ten years and the household increase is less than 75k a year. Young families regardless of income who have not had their home at least ten years will be burdened with the increase.

Someone explain to me how a single mother who finally saved enough money for a small home in the inner city will benefit from this proposal. What about the suburban couple who just bought their first home and are living on a strict budget so they can pay their mortgage? Won't home values go down if demand dwindles because taxes have skyrocket. That latter we are seeing right now.

Once again Democrats want to raise taxes thinking they can screw over the wealthy, when in reality the real victims are the middle class and lower classes on the verge of improving their lives.



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