Monday, July 23, 2007

Journalists & Bureaucrats

Journalism Bias or Incompetence?
Paulie exposes Chicago Sun Times Journalism Shame

Today's edition of American Thinker has an article written by your brilliant blogger, exposing the truth about a story that ran last week in the Chicago Sun Times. GOP lawyer sold on Dems by Jennifer Hunter, was about a "staunch Republican," who had heard the major Democratic Presidential candidates speak at a Trial Lawyers conference. After hearing the speeches, the so called "staunch Republican", Jim Ronca of Philadelphia had declared his support for the Democratic Party nominee.

Unfortunately for the Sun Times, Ms. Hunter and the public who trust journalists to bring them fair, factual and non bias reporting, the story was full of false information. Check out my piece in American Thinker, you may never believe a word you read again.

No Interpreter...No Trial...Free Alleged Rapist
Bureaucrat can't find interpreter, Washington Post found three

A 7-year old girl said she had been raped and repeatedly molested by a Liberian immigrant living in Gaitersburg, Maryland. Unfortunately Mahamu Kanneh will never see the inside of a courtroom. A judge has dismissed the charges against the defendant, due to his right to a fair and speedy trial has been violated. He has been waiting three years for the court to find an interpreter that speaks his native language of Vai.

Even though Kanneh speaks "functional English," a court psychiatrist determined he needed to be spoken to in his native language to properly understand his trial. After three years the court clerk was unable to find anyone who speaks Vai. This was the determining factor forcing the judge to dismiss the case.

So why couldn't the clerk find anyone to speak this man's native language? Is it that rare? Supposedly this government employee checked with 47 other states, including the Liberia embassy. Nobody spoke the West African language.

Or was this another example of government incompetence, perpetuated by a typical paper pushing bureaucrat?

According to The Washington Post article that broke this story, they were able to locate three Vai translators in just one evening. One of them lived in the immediate area. So once again the question that beckoned to be answered is why couldn't the court clerk find a translator after a 3-year search, but the Washington Post found 3 in one evening?

You will be hearing more about this story in the future. Child molesters are viewed as the lowest form of human being in American society. The very idea that our legal system couldn't put this man on trial because a court clerk was incapable of doing her job is incomprehensible to most, but not to your brilliant blogger.

Court jobs are part of our political patronage system. These employees earned their position, not by being qualified, but for working on a political campaign or a family member wrote the right person a big check. Welcome to America.

Take this story to heart. Let it serve as another example of the inability of government to work. Maybe the silver lining in this terrible incident will be that more people will see the importance of government accountability, instead of accepting bureaucratic incompetence as a part of life.



At 7/23/2007 3:33 PM , Anonymous Neo said...

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendel has been encouraging Democrats to register as Republicans for for primary election start with Specter vs Toomey.

Then they switch back to Democrats in time for the general election n November.

At 7/23/2007 6:13 PM , Blogger Paulie said...

Interesting. If Ms. Hunter would of called the PA GOP she probably would of been told that and that could of been her story.


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