Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tuesdays with Paulie 7/17/07

Chicago Suburb to Enforce the Law
Convicted criminals of serious crimes to be deported

The immigration debate had it's eyes set on Waukegan, Illinois last night as demonstrators from all over the United States attended the City Council meeting, which was voting to reconsider a motion passed last month to permit local police to initiate deportation proceedings for immigrants convicted of serious crimes.

The Federal Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 permits local law enforcement to receive financial assistance from the federal government to train personal to begin deportation procedures against immigrants, legal or illegal, who have been convicted of a serious crime.

Opponents of the initiative have no ground to stand on. Instead of attempting to apply a logical argument against the law, they simply charge that all supporters of this measure or any form of immigration reform are racists. However, isn't that what America has become?

The whole immigration fiasco is about enforcing the laws. We actually don't need immigration reform, we just need to enforce the laws we already have on the books. Waukegan has decided to actually utilize the laws we have and enforce them, this scares those who want open borders or current illegal aliens given a free path to citizenship.

What makes the Waukegan situation so despicable is that thousands of outsiders came to defend hardened criminals. Even if you support a free ride to citizenship, wouldn't you want to see convicted criminals of serious offenses, booted from our borders? The very idea that murderers, rapists, child molesters, drug dealers and armed robbers should be allowed to stay in the United States, when the law permits them to be deported, is simply ludicrous.

Congratulations to the Waukegan city council for doing the right thing and enforcing the law.

Mexican Immigrants Aids Epidemic
It's your fault illegals are bringing Aids back home

New York Times reporter Marc Lacey has an article in today's edition that is written from a perspective that there is no such thing as self-responsibility, just blame America for your problems.

According to Lacey there is an Aids epidemic in rural communities throughout Mexico. A migrant worker named Cres spent time in the United States, working the fields of California and Texas and the factories of Chicago and New York. During one of these "long spells" away from his family, Cres decided to cheat on his bride taking care of his children back in Mexico. During one of his romps in the sack, Cres contracted Aids and has brought it back home.

However, when reading the article, the writer ignores any notion of fidelity or self-responsibility and instead insinuates blame on the governments for not doing more to help prevent the spread of HIV. "For many migrants, being displaced from their homes and families is a lonely experience," Lacey writes. "One that prompts them to form new relationships in the United States.

Am I suppose to feel guilty because people entering the United States illegally, decide they have to find companionship by dropping their pants? I don't buy the argument migrant workers are alone. They usually find residence with other workers in the same predicament and decide to cheat on their wives due to a lack of character and being horny, not being by themselves.

The article does point out correctly that the problem is compounded by Mexican men refusing to wear a condom. What part of sex with a crack whore, street hooker or prostituting yourself tells you that you don't need to protect yourself from a sexually transmitted disease? Duh!

Obviously nobody deserves to get Aids. The biggest victims are the innocent wives and babies who are born with the disease provided by daddy. However, common sense and enforcing the laws regarding immigration and work permits are the solution.

Lacey seems to have an underlying theme in this piece, which is open the borders so migrant workers will bring their families, solving this problem. The reality is that these workers have a goal of bringing money home, so they will not bring their wives and children due to the additional expense. Then again this is America and I'm sure Democrats will be happy to tax me and my family to provide for a migrant worker and his family who illegally entered the United States.



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