Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tuesdays with Paulie 7/24/07

Dems Debate on Duh Tube
Two choices emerge from the tax and spend Party

After multiple debates with enough candidates to field a baseball team, certain realities have surfaced about the Democratic field. For starters the idea of a moderate candidate does not exist amongst the Presidential hopefuls. These individuals are true big government liberals, who believe that you need big brother to run your life.

Another harsh reality for the Democrats is that their "rock star" Sen. Barack Obama, who seems like a decent well-intentioned individual, lacks the intellectual capacity to be President. I have been saying this for a while, but this guy doesn't have any fresh ideas or solutions to any problems plaguing this country. His answer about meeting with the leaders of Iran, Syria, Cuba, North Korea and Venezuela was undoubtedly a comment from a reactionary point of view, not deeply thought out. However, this guy can still win it all. People are intrigued by his looks, charisma and manner of speech. His actual opinions are secondary amongst those infatuated with him.

Making Obama look like the Party symbol (jackass) was Hillary Clinton. The senator from New York is undoubtedly the best debater of the pack. She has been working on her image, trying to come across more softer and it is working. Her answer to the question about meeting with our enemies was excellent. Instead of blindly meeting with everyone who wants to destroy the United States as Obama does, Clinton claimed she would want to know their intentions before the meeting. She stated that she didn't want to be a propaganda piece for our enemies. Obama looked like an idiot.

Now don't get me wrong, Hillary may be improving her people skills and has placed great thought into her answers, but she still is an elitist liberal with no convictions. Her entire campaign is about looking tough enough to handle the war against Islamic extremism, while satisfying enough anti-war Progressives, who are crucial in winning the Primary.

Former Sen. John Edwards is simply a moot point at these debates. He adds nothing, but nice looking hair. Senators. Joe Biden and Christopher Dodd offer even less. Former Senator Mike Gravel continues to demonstrate that his shoe size is larger than his IQ, while Gov. Bill Richardson, who could of been the moderate choice, is just blending into the pack of liberals.

The other option Democrats have is Congressman Dennis Kucinich. The former mayor of Cleveland is what the Democratic Party has become. He voted against going to war in Iraq, does not believe there is a real threat from Islamic extremism, loves taxes, hates capitalism. supports socialized medicine and is anti-Israel. A true Progressive.

Kucinich is an option because he is a man with opinions that represent a large if not majority of the voters who identify with the Democratic Party. All the other candidates are shadows of each other, with the exception of Clinton who will at least acknowledge America has enemies steadfast on killing us. With that said, Clinton and Kucinich are the only real choices Democrats have.

Compared to the candidates running on the GOP side, the Democrats are children sitting at the kiddie table. As a disgruntled conservative who places the war on Islamic extremism as the biggest issue facing our nation, I can say for certain that the Democrats still offer me nothing. For the voter who craves fiscal restraint, low taxes and a foreign policy that isn't dictated by the United Nations, the GOP Presidential field offers great hope. The Democrats only offer me a bunch of dopes.



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