Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Paulie Pissed People Off

Journalist Doesn't Like Being Questioned
Paulies article has ruffled some feathers

You will recall in Monday's edition of Paulies Point, I linked my latest publishing in American Thinker, Journalistic Bias or Incompetence: A Case Study. The writer of the article I questioned, Jennifer Hunter of the Sun Times, has undoubtedly taken offense that she has come under such scrutiny from your brilliant blogger and other "demagogic Republicans," as she so eloquently wrote.

In yesterdays edition of the Sun Times, Hunter printed a letter she received from Jame Ronca, who was the "staunch Republican" in her article. Ronca defended Hunter's claim that he was a Republican and paraded out his credentials. He also played dumb when it came to his financial contributions stating, "I also do not believe that I personally gave $2,000 to any candidate. I will check but I think the check came from my partnership and therefore would be split into three (a perfectly legal way to do it)."

To Mr. Ronca,

Sir, I'm not questioning the legality of your contribution, but the FEC report places those contributions under your name at your law firm. Even if your claim about the donation being part of a three-way split is true, your share is nearly $700, not exactly chump change.

Ms. Hunter should have checked that report and contacted you about the donations. Your entire contribution profile is enough evidence to label you a staunch Democrat before a Republican.

What you fail to comprehend is that I questioned the legitimacy calling you a "staunch" Republican and if Ms. Hunter properly did her fact checking, she would have realized that she could never label you in that manner. Even if she choose to call you a disappointed Republican or disgruntle conservative, the financials tell a different tale. Bottom line, you may very well have a GOP history, but since before George W. Bush was President your contributions favor the Democrats. At best you are an Independent and have been so before you were dazzled by the Democratic hopefuls.

The other point I made is that she never talked to the GOP. I recall from my first week writing for my college newspaper that you get both sides of the story...get a quote. She failed a basic rule of Journalism 101. Even her comments before your letter reprint, displays disdain for Republicans. Hunter gave my bias argument merit.

As you know Mr. Ronca, I never sent you any hate mail. I don't have a problem with you in the least. I can care less about your political affiliation. However, Ms. Hunter has a professional obligation to be accurate to the best of her ability, which she failed. I look at you as a victim in this scenario.

Per your comment to Ms. Hunter, " I am going to have some investigation done into the source and funding for this blog," let me save you some time and money.

This Blog is funded by nobody, unless you count the $104 I made from Google ad sales earlier this year. If you check my political contributions you will find out that I don't give money to candidates only causes. Those causes are either pro-Israel groups or limited government organizations. My contributions would tell you I'm a Libertarian. My voting record would tell you I'm a Republican, but neither would allow Ms. Hunter to put the word "staunch" in front of my name.

I am a former adviser to the Illinois GOP in an unpaid capacity. I have advised, managed or worked for political campaigns that identified themselves as Republican, Libertarian, Independent and dare I say...Democrat.

You did make one comment that struck me rather hypocritical. In referring to the Republican Party you wrote, "They make an effort to pressure journalists to print what they want and avoid what the Republican Party does not like. No free thinking or free press is allowed. They smear everyone who opposes them from big fish like Joe Wilson to small fries like me."

Bloggers and alternative media writers are the very definition of a free press? When you say "no free thinking press allowed," aren't you and Ms. Hunter the perpetrators of that notion in her column today?



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